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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #40 – Happy Independence Day Edition

Happy Independence Day (eve) everyone! Here’s a collection of gaming and technology news that has come along over the past week. In case you are wondering about the pinball machine pictured on the front, it is called Freedom and was released by Bally in July 1976 as a part of the bi-centennial celebration fever that the country was caught up in at the time. Compared to most pinball machines these days, it is a bit simplistic. We should develop a MAGA pinball machine to celebrate.

What Are You Playing This Week?

Busy life has meant that I’m only gaming in arcade-quality chunks, with some Dariusburst Another Chronicle on one hand and some Millipede on the other. I also gave a track in Cruis’n Blast a spin to entertain my 1 yr. old who always enjoys a visit to the business. Speaking of children, my kids have really been getting into Tomadachi Life on the Nintendo 3DS.  How about you?

Gaming Headlines

Twin Stick Shooter Nex Machina Will Be Coming To Arcades – Hardcore gaming slowly making its way back to the arcade

Microsoft’s Ultimate Game Sale Now Live Until July 10th

WiiU Receiving Some Late Love From The Turbografx-16

The Latest From The Easily Triggered Chronicles, Anita Schlockeesian Edition – NSFW language

And for more NSFW  #GamerGate related fun, Big “Anti-GamerGater/ Male Feminist” Arrested For Child Porn

No COD:WWII For Switch

8 Features Coming To The Xbox One

5 Things You Might Not Know About Splatoon 2 – Splatoon 2 Direct Coming This Thursday

Not Interested Until They Actually Use An NES D-Pad

Comparing Team Fortress 2 From 2007 To 2017

RPG Maker Fes Official Trailer (Nintendo 3DS)

Touring New Donk City From Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)

Starcraft: Remastered Coming August 14th For $15 (PC/Mac)

Is Platinum Games Teasing Bayonetta 1+2 For Switch?

Micro Machines World Series Gameplay Trailer (PC/PS4/XB1)

Popular Card Game Race For The Galaxy Now On PC

New gamez r too haaaaaduh:


Gaming Media TriggerWatch  I can’t imagine that you are sick of winning yet – one of the reasons President Trump is where he is today is because he takes on the dishonest media with a courage unseen in any politician in our lifetime.

If you find an example of a gaming media snowflake melting into delicious, hydrating tears, share it in the comments below. I’ll start us off with this website that normally is supposed to talk Sonic The Hedgehog but just got Legit Triggered:

Maybe if your ‘friends’ at CNN are truly worried for their lives, they shouldn’t make careers out of inventing news, deceitful edits and destroying lives of anyone that gets in the way of their agenda while they gleefully push 24/7 for the assassination of a sitting President? If they can’t take what they dish out, they’re in the wrong business, cupcake.

Gundam Versus Coming To PS4 Stateside on Sep. 29th – For those into giant mecha battles, this one’s for you

Pinball FX3 Announced for PC/PS4/XB1 – The popular virtual pinball game is getting a new edition, one that will feature more multiplayer & tournament features. It will also let you carry over your tables that you bought with FX2 which is a nice touch:

Comparing Switch To WiiU On The New BOTW DLC – Self-explanatory, in case you enjoy these comparisons:

AereA, the Musical RPG – Rhythm gaming and RPG aren’t two genres that get a mash up that often but Aerea takes it head on. It was available on PC first and now is available for the PS4/XB1:

The Xstation – A PS4 & Xbox One…As One – Remember at the beginning of the HD format wars when you’d have “dual format” Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players? This is kind of like this but one of those unofficial DIY projects:

Game Music Of The Week: Hyrule Castle, Surf Rock Edition (The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past) – I’m certain that most people didn’t imagine any Zelda song getting the surf rock treatment but odd as it sounds on its face, this works. This one-man band has several video game covers re-imagined through different genres so perhaps we’ll have to share some more in coming weeks:

Homebrew of the Week: Crystal Quest (Atari 7800) – After a long 5 year wait, news has hit the wires that the Wonder Boy-like platformer Bentley Bear’s Crystal Quest has been produced and will be available for sale at very soon. Sure, it’s too late for the 7800, a console that fans wanted something like Super Mario Bros. on since 1989 but better late than never works for many classic collectors.

Technology Headlines

Western Digital Claims Quad Level Cell (QLC) Memory Breakthrough – Big news for digital storage, if true

Walmart Tells Vendors To Leave The Amazon Cloud

Still Prefer The Command Line? FreeDOS Celebrates 23 Years In Existence

A burnt chunk of metal is always a burnt chunk of metal, not an “alien spaceship” – Slow newsday clickbait is always dumb

Cryptocurrency Mining Courtesy AMD & nVidia GPUs

New OnePlus 5 Smartphones Cheat On Benchmark Tests

Carbon Nanotube Transistors Are Now Smaller Than Silicon

Verizon Cutting Off Certain Heavy Data Users In Rural Areas

Federally Subsidized Tesla 3 Electric Car Going on Sale This Friday

Eliminate Lower Back Pain Via Brain Implants – Pain Is Futile?

China Loses Their Biggest Rocket Yet – I guess they stole the wrong specs, amirite?

Today In ‘Oops, Our Climate Models Are Wrong Again’, Leaves

Ryzen Has Been A Great Move For AMDRyzen Pro Chips Announced As Well

The Pizza-kini Is Real And It’s Spectacularly Pricey


Making America Great Again – Energy Independence & Dominance – This week was full of liberal head-splodey, tear-based hydration goodness and while they were having their collective stroke over President Trump’s trolling, he was moving forward on implementing policy that is going to be a huge boon to the American economy. While natural gas resources will play a big role in it all as we approach becoming an exporter in that area but headlining the top of those plans is reviving our nuclear power sector. Read the initial plan here; if you missed it, here is President Trump’s speech:

More Veterans Receive The DARPA LUKE Arm – The LUKE Arm as you can see here is one of the more advanced prostetic arms that has come along to address the pressing need for our injured veterans. Read more about it here or check out the video:

Google Fined Some Big Bucks By The EU – I’m sure you heard all about this one by now as Google gets slapped with a $2.73 billion fine. This was mainly for their promotion of Google Shopping in searches. I’m not sure I find a side to ‘root’ for in this fight as both organizations are loathesome and monopolistic to their core.

The ‘Quiet’ Supersonic Plane – NASA hasn’t been all about wasting time on globull wahrming jazz and virtue signalled Islamic outreach, the organization along with Lockheed Martin says that they have achieved their first milestone the “X-Plane” design which generates a quieter sonic ‘thump’ instead of a ‘BOOM’. It’s still quite a ways off – if the designs that NASA finds work out then we wouldn’t see commercial supersonic using the tech until the 2030s but it is still an interesting evolution of the tech.

Sony’s Digital Contact Lens Patent – Augmented Reality based contact lens are an interesting idea that are mainly based in sci-fi, slowly inching towards commercial reality.  For anyone who has used contact lenses though, you are probably very skeptical about this stuff every time you hear about it though since non-AR contact lenses aren’t without their issues. Seems like the only ones that really work are the more pricey ones, a pair doesn’t last terribly long and at least for me, I can never go through a full day without dryness causing an issue. For this Sony idea it seems like this is something spy agencies would be interested in although apart from the normal cons of contacts, I can’t imagine that the video that this would create would be that watchable. Our eyes are constantly making quick movements that we never think about and image stabilization only works to a certain degree:

Space Pr0n Of The Week: The Eagle Nebula: There isn’t a MAGA Nebula yet that’s all red/white/blue so we’ll settle for the next best thing, The Eagle Nebula. This is where those famous “Pillars of Creation” are, they are easily visible in the center of the pic here:

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