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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #39 – Lazy Summer Days Are Here Edition

SNES Classic

It is that time of week where we take a look at what’s going on in the semi-political worlds of gaming and technology.

What Are We Playing This Week?

More retro gaming for me – I fired up the Wii via my WiiU and played a few of the games that I had downloaded there to the good ol’ Virtual Console. I played through some Wonder Boy 3 (Sega Master System); Super Mario Bros. (NES); and River City Ransom (NES). Not much else for me really.

Gaming Headlines

The Steam Summer Sale Is On Now Until July 5th – Great deals to be had for PC Master Racers

Nintendo Switch Gets A Big Firmware Update – Adds USB keyboard functionality among other things

PS4 To Enjoy Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Tomorrow

AtGames Announces Fall 2017 Line-Up For Atari & Sega Consoles – Said annoucement has generated 0.03% of the excitement surrounding the SNES Classic already

New Trailer For Dynasty Warriors 9 (PS4)

Rockstar Games Softens Stance On Game Mods, OpenIV Back Up

They Aren’t All Super Crazy About Console POWER In Japan – A culture that still utterly baffles Team Xbox

The Phenomenon Of .IO Games (NSFW ads in the sidebar)

Puyo Puyo Tetris To Be Part Of The Competition At EVO 2017

The Gigabyte/AORUS VR Motion Simulator

Indie Arcade Game Skycurser Receives A Major Update

Eugene Jarvis in his basement recently – can you spot the rarest game of the bunch?


BREAKING – Nintendo Announces The SNES Classic: As the subject of non-stop rumors since they strangely canned the NES Classic, Nintendo unveiled the SNES Classic in this tweet. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the package is that it will feature the unreleased Starfox 2, a game that was completed and has been playable in emulation for years. This will be available on September 29th. It sure would be nice if they would reverse course on the NES Classic though…I never came across one myself.

Ubisoft Shows An “In-Engine Demo” For Beyond Good & Evil 2 – Well that was sure quick from the “day zero in development” comment at E3. Thus I find this suspicious – Ubisoft has frequently shown off “gameplay” footage that looks much better than the final product. They (and some others like EA) like to fill the role of CNN for the gaming world #FakeGameFootage

Sega Forever App Launches On Mobile – For a few weeks now, Sega has been teasing a retro related product called “Sega Forever”. This week they finally unveiled what that is, a mobile app that will provide Sega console games from every era of the company from their SG-1000 console to the beloved Dreamcast…all for free and available offline. Sounding a little like Nintendo’s plans to offer new monthly content, they will add new games each month. The app is available for iOS & Android and also includes controller support although not sure how that works yet. There has been some backlash from fans as the emulation has left much to be desired, Sega already ‘responding’ to that backlash. Here’s the unveil trailer, which was made to mimic a Sega TV commercial from the Genesis days:

Hunt: Showdown Preview (PC, PS4, X1) – This appeared at E3, where it is easy for just about anything to get lost in the circus of news that takes place. It is a PvP game where 5 teams of two work to take out a monster then escape the area with an item recovered from said monster, alive. You can read more details about it here. Overall it has an interesting premise so we’ll see how it shakes out when it is finally released (no date for that just yet).

Homebrew of the Week: Pains ‘N Aches (Commodore 64) – As a sequel to another homebrew title called Knight ‘N Grail, this game will bring even more platform adventuring action to the ol’ C64:

Technology Headlines

I’ve Seen The Future And It’s Incredibly Stupid – Yes, there is such a thing as too much LED use.

Windows 10 Source Code Leaked – Well this is certainly going to end well

The Arena Of 3D Printing Begins To See Lawsuits – Freedom to create is always under attack from somewhere

USAF Buying IBM’s TrueNorth NeuroSynaptic System – This is one heck of an impressive supercomputer, mimicking the human brain

ORA Sound Aiming To Get Graphene Based Loudspeakers To Market Next Year

Exploding Whipped Cream Can Kills Instagram Star

David Vs. Goliath: Comcast Edition

SpaceX Has A Good Week

ISIS Hacks The Website Of The Hungry Hippo Of Ohio

Encrypted Apps In Australia’s Crosshairs – In the name of ‘security’ of course

I Guess Working In Upper Management At Tesla Isn’t All It Is Cracked Up To Be

The Post-Tesla Resume Is Um…Interesting:


The Thyssenkrupp Ropeless Elevator Unveiled – Is this the Star Trek Turbolift turned into reality? It might be as once commercialized, this will change how elevators operate – with no ropes, sideways movement and more cars per elevator shaft possible:

Toilet Paper Tablets – Self-explanatory as to their usefulness.

Paqsule – The Self-Cleaning Bag – Gym bags are not known for their cleanliness but thanks to Paqsule, the use of UV lighting and Ozone is supposed to make your smelly gym socks a thing of the past.

Water Walker – What happens when you combine a treadmill with a jacuzzi into one? This interesting device. It most likely will find use for therapy but also could be a workout device for the rich and famous. This one comes to us from Japan:

A DIY ‘Holographic’ Cortana Appliance – Where Microsoft seems to have lost the drive to innovate in hardware (sans a sudden HoloLens announcement), here’s someone making their own version of Alexa or Echo but with Microsoft’s Cortana in it’s place. No, it isn’t a “true” hologram but the effect is still fun to watch:

Space Pr0n of the Week: The Dynamic Magentic Field Of Uranus – I’m still down for renaming the 7th planet to something less humorous like ‘Adalos’ but since it keeps the name we have to keep referring to it properly. The planet is in the news this week as scientists have discovered something from the old Voyager 2 data that shows just how crazy the planet is. The magnetosphere “switches on and off” during the 17hr. Uranian day as it reacts with solar winds. With Cassini coming to a close, I still think a robotic mission to the 7th planet would be pretty neat as there is a lot we can still learn about the region. This photo in particular shows an aurora moving along the upper atmosphere.

An Aurora at Uranus

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