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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #36 – E3 Pre-Huddle Edition

What Have You Been Playing This Week?

Still winding down on Zelda myself, exploring on occasion and seeing if there are any side-quests I meet before I liberate the land of Hyrule from the dark grip of Ganon. I’ve been able to get some decent gaming in this week on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Ghostbusters and I picked up Doom to go along with a new graphics card for my desktop. By change I got to play the Arms Global Testpunch and was surprised by what I found. I think that Nintendo will have a nice hit on their hands and this is certainly better than just rehashing Punch Out. This is easily the most innovative boxing game I’ve played (not that I’ve played a lot of them, mind you). I wasn’t very good at it to begin with but I found my footing and was able to do ok. It’s got a strong build, doncha know.

I also spent some more time on The Act: An Interactive Comedy at the arcade. It had been a while so getting a feel for the game once again after fixing it was nice.

How about you?

Gaming Headlines

Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire Now Available For Mobile – Replete with fake ads that parody classic Sega arcade games

Star Wars Pinball Unveiled – Need more info to get into detail below

Denuvo DRM Caused Slowdown Issues For RiME – The DRM has since been removed

Xbox One Gets The First Patch For Friday The 13th – Apparently The Game Launched As A Complete Mess

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn Announced For Switch

RPG Lost Sphear Announced For Switch & PS4

NBA Playgrounds Switch Version Catches Up To Rivals With New Patch

Middle Earth: Shadow of War Delayed Until October

Nintendo Wasn’t Exactly Expecting Fans To Be That Into Twintelle – Fans are into the virtual assets

In Case You Need Something Weird To Start Your Week Off, Here’s Mario Vs. Harry Potter – I don’t know why

Sonic Mania Confirmed For August 15th Launch – Cool pre-order trailer here

In Case You Want A Japanese RPG For Your Phone


Place Yer Bets – E3 Predictions: Part of the fun of E3 is in making wild predictions about what will be shown. There are always rumors that don’t pan out and expectations of passionate fans are crushed by cringeworthy stage presentations. So down below, share with us your thoughts about what you expect from the event

Microsoft: What’s An Xbox One? Check out the only game system we’ve ever created, the Xbox Two, now with Halo 6 and all of it’s games available to play on PC!

Nintendo: We are very pleased that everyone watching this already owns a Switch. Here are some new colors for your Joycons. Here are some more games for it including Metroid Prime 4, F-Zero and GEX CONFIRMED FOR SMASH!

Sony: Here are some awesome games coming to your PS4Pro in 2018 and 2019. Here’s a few forgettable VR games for an accessory no one is buying. Here’s the PS4 Gold that leaked online last week. Don’t worry, we’ll call our next system the PlayStation 5!

Arcades: What’s an E3?

PC Master Race: Best selection, best prices, best performance. Suck it, haters.

One rumor claims that Sony will have a PSP3 on hand, which if true will certainly end up like the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Online Is Free Through 2017 – Nintendo finally piped up about what they are going to do regarding their online services for the Switch. As such, it is certainly not ready to go yet so they will just let everyone with a Switch play online for free for the rest of the year. Then, sometime in 2018, they will begin to charge $20/yr for the service which will include “ongoing access” to the classic game library.

What happens with this library is of interest to me. I really hope that they will just offer up a big selection to begin with instead of this piece meal method of a few games a week over five years or whatever the lifespan of the console is. That said, the Virtual Console is still going to be there in some form that is separate from the “Classic Game Selection”.

I would also love to see them embrace more non-Nintendo consoles like they did with the Wii. Not because I don’t enjoy the old Nintendo platforms but it would be great to see some love for the Sega, Atari and other non-Sony, non-Microsoft consoles of the past. Kind of like how they gave a bit of love to the Turbografx-16 and to a much smaller degree the Commodore 64. Granted at $20/yr, I doubt we’ll be seeing such interest since that would likely mean little to no profit to those companies when they wouldn’t get a cut. So it will probably be more like the WiiU VC with a strong focus on the NES/SNES and not much else. Prove my hunch wrong Nintendo, I dare ya (please).

Tekken 7 Now Available On Consoles (PC/PS4/XB1) – I thought about getting the arcade version a year and a half ago when I got to play it at a tradeshow. That’s when I heard about the $14k price tag #bulletdodged The PS4 version reportedly has some input lag not present on the other versions.

Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy Gameplay Demo (PS4) – I almost forgot that this is coming out in July.

The Next Need For Speed Game Is Called Need For Speed: Payback – I got that one NFS game for the WiiU that EA did and it was all right. I am more of an arcade guy when it comes to racers though. This launches on Nov. 10th for PC/PS4/XB1 and who knows, maybe EA will support the Switch with it since that is selling well enough to please them.


Star Trek Bridge Crew VR – I don’t know if this will ‘save’ VR but it does at least make it more social. As this slighty-NSFW (and lengthy) video shows, it can be rather amusing. Of course part of the :

Technology Headlines

Some Google Ads That Led To A Tech Support Scam

Rich, Whiny Tech Globalists Quit Presidential Advisory Councils Over Paris Pullout – Butthurt Level 11

Rare Apple 1 Computer Going Up On The Auction Block On June 15th

UP Core (Raspberry Pi rival) Powerful Enough To Run Windows 10

AMD Cuts Ryzen 7 Prices Already – It’s always good to wait a little bit when it comes to new tech

Using A Server As A Water Heater? Why not?

ESA’s ExoMars Probe Crashed Because It Thought It Was Underground – Whoops

Lamborghini’s Carbon Fiber Tech Could Be Used For Bionics

Kaihua’s New Scissor Mechanical Switch Design For Keyboard Keys

Do You Really Need That Smartphone Upgrade? I say…no. Unless you are still using a brick phone from the 80s.

“Our streets and our sidewalks are made for people, not robots” Said The San Francisco Official

Instead Of Making The Hard Decisions To Stop Islam’s Spreading Of Peace Through Trucks, Knives & Bombs, Theresa May Has The Solution In Taking Away Internet Freedoms



Computex 2017 – This week saw a trade show for computer gear and to be honest there was so much shown off that it would be difficult to throw it all into the post. PC World has a slideshow that breaks a lot of the announcements down, which focused on ultra-thin gaming laptops and more gaming firepower than before. Both Intel and AMD touted new CPUs and GPUS; here’s one of the many press conference, from ASUS; here’s the AMD conference; and there was quite a bit of talk online about Intel’s new Core-X series with 18 cores (and a $2k price tag)

Now for some really old school computing:

Now That’s A Big Airplane – Funded in good part by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft:

Broward County Police Get Their First TRON Legacy Inspired Motorcycle – Now that’s policing in style. Via Reddit.

TRON police bike

Using A Tesla Coil As A Speaker – Not the best quality way to listen to music mind you but if you have a coil and can connected it to a sound system + boredom, here you go:

Sweet Looking Removable Paint – Paint might not come to mind when thinking tech but it does take some science ‘n technology to make Halo EFX paint:

Japanese culture pushes for something long enough – and it starts to become a reality:

Space Pr0n Of The Week: EDIT: Forgot to post this. My bad. Let’s do a galaxy pic from a place we call Hickson 90:

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