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Where does an 800-lb. gorilla sit?

Anywhere it wants to.

I know no one wants to talk about anything negative regarding President Trump with him getting it from every angle right now, but this problem is only getting worse and it will bite him in the rear end eventually. Of course I’m talking about DACA. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency  has reported that 124,799 cases involving Dreamers were approved from January to the end of March.

Now we all know he promised to end DACA during his campaign. However not only has he not fulfilled this promise he has actually approve more Dreamers in the last three months than Obama did in his last three months in office.

I know many of you do not think this is a big deal but I think all of his campaign promises are a big deal, they are the reason I voted for him. His biggest appeal to many was his tough stance on immigration and building the wall between the US and Mexico, a promise that seems to be losing steam more every day. I realize that border crossings are down big time but that is all the more reason to finish off the job.

I am all for giving him time to fulfill his promises and get the job done, but the longer this goes on the harder it will be to do so. Mr. President, I know this is a tough thing to do but I really believe you will energize your base and show your word is bond. Stop DACA now Mr. President, these illegal invaders are doing far more harm than good, they make a mockery of our laws and the drain they put on our society will only slow down the process of making America great again.


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