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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #35 – Memorial Day Edition

Hope you all have a safe and satisfying Memorial Day – here’s the gaming & tech news from the past week rolled into one post.

What Are You Playing This Week?

This past week has been productive once again. My games are a bit random and don’t have much to do with each other – I picked up Ghostbusters (2009, PC) again although my home PC is in dire need of an upgrade as I was hitting single digit frames at certain points, even with the graphics turned down. I played some more Tempest 2000 (Jaguar), Puyo Puyo Tetris (Switch) and downloaded the Arms Testpunch (click here for footage, footage, footage) but didn’t have a chance to play that during the open hours so oh well. I didn’t get to play that Mount & Blade game I downloaded the other week yet so it’s on the ‘to-do’ pile of games I’ll eventually try. I’ve about finished with Breath of the Wild, completing all 120 shrines and most side quests, although how you feel after it’s over will vary.

Gaming Headlines

The Atari International Asteroids Tournament, San Francisco, 1981

Super Mega Baseball 2 Coming In September (PC/PS4/XB1) – Remember when the NES had something like 100 baseball games? Good times

Persona 5 Inching Towards Half A Million In Sales

The Castlevania Animated Series Coming To Netflix Gets A Trailer

Sega Apparently Looking To Reboot Seaman – The one with the weird fish-with-people-faces

Mario + Rabbids Game Coming To Nintendo Switch

Sonic Mania (PC/PS4/SW/XB1) Coming Aug. 15th?

Adventure Game RiME Now Available For PC/PS4/XB1 – Switch version coming sometime later

Mass Effect Andromeda Already $30 – They’ll blame it’s poor performance on anything but their SJW-ism

Capcom Announces Monster Hunter XX For Switch – No English for it though

The Battlezone Remake Is Now Available For HTC Vive

That Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be Released “In The Next Three Years Or So” – Maybe don’t expect it on your PS4 after all.

Ever Wanted To Know How Walls, Ceilings & Floors Work In Super Mario 64?

Konami Using Their Soccer Game PES For eSports

I don’t think that the wording here was properly thought out…

(That’s the creator of the 1986 arcade classic Rampage in case you are wondering)


About GameStop – You probably saw this article on the Sparta Report frontpage already regarding GameStop selling board games as a way to try and save themselves. Digital downloads are taking quite the toll on retail although my personal experience with GameStop have been mostly negative. Buying brand new PC games that the keys have been used on; asking for a used copy and the sales guy tries to sell me brand new then an ‘open box’ that costs more than the used price listed on the wall. That sort of stuff varies of course and I have had purchases that went just fine.

It will be ironic if a chain like GameStop fails to adapt and has to close only for arcades like mine to continue to thrive as arcades were supposed to be the dead ones out there.

Ubisoft’s FarCry 5 Eschews Organized Crime Syndicates For The Left’s Wet Dream Of Christian Terrorists – Since Far Cry 3, Ubisoft has made a big deal out of their villain/villains in their games so naturally they were is proud to display the villains of their latest Farcry game. Granted there is no official theme to Farcry villains although you’d think that if game creators wanted to make a statement on religious nutjobs, they have a mountain’s worth of current and relevant material to pull from using The Religion Of ‘Peace’ which has logged almost 31000 deadly attacks in the name of Allah since 9/11/2001; not to mention the rest of the incredibly violent history of Islam starting with Mohammed’s beheading conquests. Instead they play it safe & cowardly as we’ve come to expect from “AAA” gaming these days:

Of course, since the cover art and the trailer portray “the alt-right” or white Christians as a cult, SJWs are peeing themselves with glee. I guess they need some sort of comfort from all of the electoral losing they’ve been going through lately. Naturally, I’m sure if we even suggested making a mainstream game that stars violent Antifa terrorists as the villains, they would act with every ounce of class and respect as they show to anyone with a MAGA hat walking around.

Of course there is still a year to go so we’ll see how closely the previews match the final product. If there was anything else that the game was about, such as fun, I’d be hard pressed to find it from the trailer.

Naturally, Feminist Flatulence is hoping that it shows the villains as truly bad white guys because men r bad:

This also shows that the PC in PC Gamer apparently does stand for Politically Correct

Nintendo Holds Arms: Global Testpunch – I downloaded it but didn’t get a chance to play it. Reviews seem positive so far:

Ultra Street Fighter II Launches To Mostly Mixed ReviewsThe current results on Metacritic if you’re interested. I’m not terribly surprised – $40 for a game that’s been ‘remastered’ or updated any number of ways (including the arcade) over the past couple of decades seems a bit steep. Capcom did attempt to add more features to it such as the first person mode but those additions seem to be garnering a shrug from players.

Perception Releases On May 30th (PC) – It has been delayed on the PS4/XB1 until the week of June 11th due to ratings problems across territories. This one looks interesting, a horror story from the perspective of a blind person who uses echo location ala Daredevil

Dialed In! Pinball Official Trailer – Now for some positive news. The newest pinball machine to hit the market comes from NJ based manufacturer Jersey Jack Pinball. Designed by Pat Lawlor (who created some of the best rated pins ever including The Addams Family, Twilight Zone and Funhouse), this is one that doesn’t use a film/TV/rock band license to interest buyers but features a unique and original theme.

Raiden V Director’s Cut Coming To PC/PS4 – It’s going to be a port of the XB1 version with some enhancements/improvements. Poor XB1 owners:

Technology Headlines

The 4th Amendment Didn’t Exist Under Obama – And yet he roams around the world free of consequence, snapping selfies with princes & pricks

British Airways And It’s Travelers Had Quite The Weekend Thanks To IT Problems – Day 3 And It’s Still A Nightmare

Your Android Phones Are Just As Susceptible To Malware Attacks As Windows Computers

Virus/Ransomware Danger Via Subtitles On Select Media Players – I have a hunch that since this targets pirated movies, Hollywood is behind it

Suckerberg: Some Tech Is Troubling But Facebook Is Totally Awesome – Never mind all the 1984-style Big Bro tracking and FakeNews Approved Headlines

Air New Zealand Testing Out The Microsoft Hololens

Who’s A Smart Doggy? The Dog That Sits On The Editorial Boards Of Seven Medical Journals

Hoverboard Soldiers?  – Only If They Have Mad Skillz Like Marty McFly

Boeing Making The US Military’s Experimental Space Plane

Copyright Troll Lawyer Gets Disbarred For Extorting & Scamming People Through Downloads

New Zealand Wants To Be In The Space Race Too


Laptop/Tablet Ban May Include Flights From The US – Granted, if President Trump dares mention this news to anyone, which is being loudly broadcast across the internet, WaPo/NYT/CNN will treat it as treason of the worst form.  Hypocritical lunacy aside, the issue of laptops/tablets seems to be expanding as air travel becomes more restrictive and crappy thanks to You-Know-Who (not the Voldemort kind).

The Tap Strap – You’ll need some training to get the hang of it but it’s supposed to let you type/text wherever, which could be good for frequent travelers. I just have a feeling that in reality, you’ll be learning the gesture for backspace before anything else :

Rinser Toothbrush – No more having to put your head under the faucet to rinse your mouth although I suppose a cup works just as well 😛

Now That’s A Paper Cut – What can you cut with paper? More than your finger tip. Although I imagine in reality they had to go through several of these paper rings

Space Pr0n Of the Week – Echoes Of RS Puppis : Planetary nebula are great astronomical subjects thanks to the infinitely varied designs they make but also for learning about the stars that create them. Here, Hubble caught a glimpse of light echoes  around a variable star:

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