Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #32 – Non-Rigged Edition


Welcome to the Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread here at the Sparta Report. Escape from the elations or frustrations of politics for some nerdy fun and information.

What Are We Playing This Week?

I’ve still been playing Zelda BOTW although a little less due to being busy again with my arcade business. I did get to play a tiny bit of Puyo Puyo Tetris but not enough for it to be memorable. How about you?

Gaming Headlines

The Arcade Industry Wants You To Know That Rigged Games Are Now Frowned Upon

Digital Game Sales Now Dominate Physical Counterparts

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Sold 1 Million Units In The First Weekend

Another Yakuza Game Is In The Works

Not All “Escape Rooms” Are Fun

The SNES/Playstation Prototype Now Works With CDs

Bob Ross Bundle Coming To MOBA Game Smite on May 9th

Comparing Recent Nintendo Handheld Devices Screen Sizes To Each Other

Of Course The Communist Government Of China Would Have Plenty Of Regulations To Go With Gaming

Early Access Version Of Space-adventure Game Stardrop Coming June 1st – Trailer not too helpful in telling me what the game is like

Lies From the MSM About #Gamergate Continue Apace – NSFW Ads In The Link



The Reboot of Prey Is Out Now (PC, PS4, XB1) – And this time Bethesda didn’t throw their coding contractor under the bus like they did with Human Head and Prey 2.

NBA Playgrounds VS. – PS4 Vs.  Switch. Vs. Xbox One – In case you’re interested in the new spiritual successor to NBA Jam that launches tomorrow and want to know what version to go for, this video might help. The Switch version has apparently been rushed and some features (along with graphics I would imagine) will be fixed soon with a patch. The game is also going to be available on PC.

Darksiders III Announced (PC, Ps4, XB1) – If you’re into hack ‘n slash games with some RPG elements to them, a new Darksiders is headed to the market in 2018. I haven’t played the first two so I can’t really comment on this series; the trailer is all CG but if you are looking for gameplay, Gunfire did release 12 minutes of gameplay.

Game Music Of The Week – Navigation (Blazing Star, Arcade): Blazing Star is a great shoot ’em up released to arcades in 1998. It wasn’t a crazy bullet hell shooter that overwhelmed the player but it did provide a great challenge. Plenty of fun Engrish too.

Homebrew of the Week – Fast Food (Atari Jaguar) – The Atari 2600 had a somewhat uncommon game released for it by a company called Telsys by the name of Fast Food. You played a mouth moving around an arena eating food. It wasn’t the most compelling game design ever created and it was a bit weird but now it will be coming to Atari’s last game system, the Jaguar. This game has apparently only been in development for a few days so this is a very, very early video of it’s status.

Technology Headlines


Alt-Social Media Site Gab Opens Gabs To The Public

Cute Or Crazy? Delusions From Butt-Hurt Microsoft

UPS Begins Testing A Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck

How Does One ‘Accidentally’ Ship Malware With Your Product?

Of Course The NYT Gets All Hot Over Censorship Algos

Some Aircraft Pr0n For Ya

Livin’ The Dream (or not)

Russia Block Bans Chinese Social Media App

Not All Security Flaw Reveals End Up In Quick Fixes – It Was Even Worse For Intel For 7 Years

Snapchat Thinks They’ll Be Able To Compete With Netflix/Prime/Hulu

Air Force’s X-37B Space Plane Lands After Two Years In Space

Swarm AI Fails To Predict Kentucky Derby Results


Windows 10 S – All Your Defaults Are Belong To Us – I was going to headline this but decided to comment. As I recall, Microsoft was supposedly split up because back-in-the-day they attempted to make you use IE over competing browsers like Netscape (good times). Many years later, they are still MegaCorporationTM and now with Surface devices you have no choice but to use Microsoft Edge and Bing as the non-changeable default browser & search engine.

With my Acer laptop on the fritz with constant issues and getting tired of years of Microshaft’s stupidity, I’m really starting to eye a Linux based machine instead.

Password Problems – Let’s get a little comedic with our tech this week. Skit by Studio C that deals with a problem we’ve all had…except not in such an intense situation 😛

Man Vs. Machine: Sword Mastery – I dunno, I don’t find a robot taking on these feats terribly impressive. Feels rigged 😛 But if you’re into swords cutting things, it’s hard to pass up

The Super Bright LED Flashlight by TFCFL – I remember when Maglights were all the rage. This is for those who are in the market for a solid flashlight for a good price.

Space Pr0n Of The Week: Cassini’s 1st Dive – We’ll do another video instead of an image this week as Cassini made it’s first close dive of the 6th planet from the Sun. Cassini found that the space between the atmosphere and the rings is a nice vaccum – pretty much no space dust at all.

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