Why Is Minecraft Creator Notch Tweeting About Seth Rich?

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Markus Persson-known as Notch on Twitter-is the creator of the uber-popular Minecraft game franchise.  “Just what in the hell is a Minecraft,” I hear you old-timers shriek as you turn the volume up on your hearing aids.  Think of Minecraft as a virtual reality Lego set that literally lets you build your own world.

notch seth rich lego
Without the added danger of stepping on these little bastards in the middle of the night…

Notch is a man who created one of the most popular-and commercialized-gaming franchises in the world.  He’s respected throughout the gaming community.  Notch is, quite literally, worth millions of dollars.

What’s he doing tweeting about Seth Rich?

Seth Rich.  Just a name, but one that lit a fire under many of Notch’s followers.

Notch’s tweet about Seth Rich garnered over 250 replies and over 2500 retweets.  Was this an effort to keep the Seth Rich story alive?  Is Notch truly trying to get himself banned from Twitter?  I find the latter to be unlikely.

Seth Rich is a story that definitely must be kept alive at all costs.  The media and the Democrat party has initiated a full court press in trying to silence the Seth Rich story.  They have a good reason for wanting the Seth Rich story to go away quietly.  Seth Rich is rumored to have been the source for Wikileaks’ hacked DNC emails.  Seth Rich was murdered in a park during a “robbery” in which absolutely nothing was taken.  There’s a rumor that Seth Rich was essentially allowed to die by DC police.  The Democrats and the media has been telling people for months that the Russians hacked the DNC server at the behest of the Trump campaign.  Actual, verifiable evidence that Seth Rich was indeed the leaker behind the DNC emails would put the lie to that entire narrative.  An investigation into his murder has the potential to take down a lot of prominent Democrats.  It is in their interest to silence anyone talking about Seth Rich, no matter what.

We can’t let them do that.  Seth Rich’s story must be told.

No matter what.


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