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WHOA: Berkeley Cops on Film Saying “WE’RE NOT DOING SHIT” to Stop Antifa

The Trump supporters were peacefully gathered in Berkeley, waiting for the scheduled speakers to show up, Lauren Southern, Baked Alaska, Kyle ‘Based Stickman’ Chapman, etc. when the antifa arrived. Of course, the antifa showed up with their usual over-dramatic social justice warrior, cry-bully flair:

antifa 2nd battle of berkeley
The antifa arrive
Antifa 2nd battle of berkeley kick down barriers
Antifa kick down the barriers


The Antifa Start Using Bear Mace, Throwing Rocks and Explosives at the Trump Supporters

They came in screaming nasty insults at the Trump supporters, telling them that they were going to be kicking them out of Berkeley (their safe space). When the Trump supporters didn’t budge, the antifa started throwing M-80s into the Trump supporter crowds.

Just for reference, an M-80 is equivalent to a 1/4 of a stick of dynamite. This is enough to either partially or fully dismember people if detonated fairly close to the human body’s appendages.

When this happened, the tensions boiled over and the two sides started getting violent.

Antifa throwing m-80 into Trump Supporter crowd
Antifa throwing an M-80 into the Trump supporter crowd

Then the antifa started throwing large rocks and hitting people with sticks. Many of the Trump supporters were surprised at this, because the cops had been nearly strip searching them when they entered into the speaking area. Apparently the same had not been done to the antifa thugs.

They were also using bear mace against the Trump supporters.

Antifa use bear mace against Trump Supporters
Antifa use bear mace against Trump Supporters
Antifa throw rocks at Trump Supporters
Antifa throw rocks at Trump Supporters
Cops search through Trump supporters bags
Cops search through Trump supporters bags at the entry gate
Trump supporters attacked with sticks and bats
Trump supporters attacked with sticks/bats


The Berkeley Police Force: We’re Not Doing Shit!

The Trump supporters pleaded with the Berkeley cops on site, who were WALKING AWAY from the explosions and the violence to intervene and stop the violence.

One Trump supporter got one of the Berkeley cops to scream out “We’re not doing shit!” in response to his query about what it would take to get them to intervene.

Berkeley cops say we're not doing shit to stop antifa
You heard it ladies and gentlemen, you are on your own. The government is not going to defend you even when they see people trying to kill you.


The Media HIDES the Berkeley Violence Committed by the Antifa

The fake news media stated that it was the COPS throwing the explosives into the crowds to “disperse” them. It was pure propaganda. The following video details this perfectly showing the antifa lighting up the M-80s right before they throw them at the Trump supporters.

Listening to very fake news CNN you’d think that the only violence that occurred was a Trump supporter punching a antifa thug, who happened to be a woman, in the face (after she stated she was going to collect 100 Nazi/ AKA TRUMP SUPPPORTER scalps).

Ann Coulter had better watch out on 4/27 and get some really good security. Because the local police force and the media will not be looking to defend her or back up her story against these leftist thugs.

Of course, it doesn’t help that the mayor of Berkeley is also one with the antifa mob:

What Really Happened At The Rematch Battle For Berkeley:

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