French Presidential Candidate Macron: Islam is Here to Stay

The leftist “independent” candidate Emmanuel Macron, the current front-runner in the polling in France’s Presidential election, had this to say about the ISIS attack on the French people:

Macron told French radio: “This threat, this imponderable problem, is part of our daily lives for the years to come. I would like to express all my support for our police forces and more generally the forces of law and order. I am particularly thinking of the victim’s family.”

The “independent” candidate who served under the current French Socialist President Hollande, echoed earlier comments made by French officials just this last year. Prime Minister Manuel Valls stated after the Bastille Day massacre where a Tunisian ran down 434 people, killing 87 of them, that the “times have changed and we should learn to live with terrorism.”

His closest rival, Marine Le Pen, issued forceful statements:

Le Pen called for France to engage in a “war against terrorism” to combat Islamic extremism that she described as a “barbaric and monstrous totalitarian ideology”.

In a tough response to the Champs Elysées shooting, she accused successive French governments of naivety, impotence and being too lax towards fundamentalists and called for the immediate expulsion of foreigners linked to Islamism and listed on the fiche “S”, the national list of suspects considered a potential risk to national security.

She demanded that those with joint nationality be stripped of their French citizenship and expelled to their country of origin and those with French nationality “known for their support of an enemy ideology” be subject to “immediate administrative or criminal attention”.

“This war is asymmetric and revolutionary, it is a war in which all the population, all the country is targeted; it is obvioulsy [sic] a war we cannot lose,” Le Pen told journalists.

“The Islamist, Salafist ideology has no right to be in France and should be banned. Preachers of hate should be expelled and their mosques closed.”


UPDATE: And it’s Official, it’s Now Between Le Pen and Macron for the Runoff on May 7th in France

Macron, unfortunately for France, will be a continuation of the Hollande regime and an acceptance of Islam as a major force in French politics along with all the terror and killing it has brought.

Le Pen on the other hand, will be a clean break with the establishment and European Union oligarchy in Brussels. She has pledged to deport the criminals and those inciting violence and to remove her country from the European Union.

France will go to the polls one more time in a runoff election between the top two candidates from the initial vote. Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron will face off in a second round on May 7, 2017, the victor in that contest will be the next President of France.

Le Pen Macron Final Results 1st Round
Final Results 1st Round voting in France


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