Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #26 – Adventures In Console Gaming

Welcome to the 26th weekly Gaming/Tech thread on the Sparta Report. Here, we put the wonderful world of politics on the back-burner for a few minutes to enjoy the geeky things in life.

What Are You Playing This Week?

I didn’t go into this past week expecting to pick up a new game console but as chance or fate would have it, that is how it ended! Here’s a story of my adventure to pass the time.

A friend let me know that Toys R Us would be getting in shipments of the new Nintendo Switch on Saturday morning. After talking it over with the Mrs. and she not being adverse to the idea, I asked my older kids (ages 11 and 7) if they wanted to “go stand in line at Toys R Us to get a Nintendo Switch.” It would be nice if every morning they got ready with such enthusiasm but you also can’t provide the promise of a Switch every day either. That said, I made sure to let them know that there was no guarantee here – I had been looking for one earlier in the week and no one anywhere had one. This felt just like the Nintendo Wii all over again.

We drive about 15 minutes to the nearest Toys R Us, arriving there around 8:12; Saturday’s they open at 9am. To our surprise there was no line at all so we waited in the car for a few minutes as it was drizzling outside. That’s when we saw a couple go to the door to wait – they obviously were there for the same reason so I sent my son to grab a spot in line while my old bones caught up; the daughter waited in the car so as to not stand out in the cold. We were second in line so we were set.

The line grew pretty quickly after that, any vehicle coming into the parking lot hauling it like there was no tomorrow so you knew what they were after. We chatted a little bit with people in line to pass the time when a TRU employee exits the building on the other side of the parking lot shouting something about the Switch. No one could hear her so she comes over and hands us the news that for some bizarre reason, they sold the allotment of eight units off at 8AM that morning. I guess you had to know the right people or be a part of their SuperSekret network to know that they would do such a thing an hour before opening.

Getting into the car, I could see the disappointment on the kids’ faces as for twenty minutes or so, it seemed like we were getting a highly-desired Switch. Now that wasn’t happening so all of that waiting in the rain and cold at this time on a Saturday morning was for naught.

It popped into my head as I began driving to go stop by a Wal Mart that wasn’t terribly far away from TRU so I drove, the conversation in the car being far less energetic than before but the kids were still happy to be out and about with their dad who has been working long hours lately. “We’re not far away so let’s just drop by Wal Mart to see if they have one. They probably won’t but it can’t hurt to check.”

We go to the back of the store where the electronics are and just casually walking up to the Nintendo Switch setup, lo and behold there are two Switches sitting there behind the glass. No lines of eager fans chomping at the bit to get one, just a few customers standing around looking at smartphones and some employees adding stock to the shelves.

I ask one employee if those are just display boxes or if they are the real thing (Game Stop has loads of empty Switch boxes so I was a little worried about that…even though I knew that Wal Mart doesn’t tend to do the same marketing gimmick) so she unlocks it to take a look, runs it through the scanner and yep, it’s the real thing. My kids are super excited once again as I complete the purchase with throwing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild into it and we walk out with Nintendo’s latest hardware in our hands. My son was so excited he had to call mom up to let her know about our change of luck and after that was the long (for the kids) car ride back home.

So that’s my gaming experience this week – I spent a bit of time with the excellent Breath of the Wild after that, enjoying a version of Zelda that may just become my favorite in the series. No, it isn’t the first open-world adventure game but touching on the original NES Zelda with modern elements is right up my alley. The kids really enjoy making recipes and setting grass fires among other things. As an Atari fan I do have to note the homage of sorts of the Magnet item, if Atari had kept their old Adventure game updated, I imagine that it would work just like in BOTW. I’ll be spending more time with this one in coming weeks – what have you been up to among games?

Gaming Headlines

GameStop Expecting The Switch To Be In Short Supply Throughout 2017

Speaking of Game Stop, They Will Be Closing Over 100 Stores

Nintendo Held A Global Testfire For Splatoon 2 This Past Weekend

Youtuber JonTron Removed From Yooka-Laylee Because He Believes In Crazy Things Like Borders – NutJob game media of course paint him as “extremist”.

Bethesda Places Its Bets On Quake Champions To Bring The Company eSports Glory

PS4 4.50 Update Broke Wi-Fi On Some Consoles

The Opening Movie For Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2

Super Mario Run Now On Android

Atlus Announces Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology For Nintendo 3DS

Underwater Sci-Fi Horror Game Anoxemia Releasing on March 28th (PS4/XB1)

Mario Sports Superstars Trailer (3DS)


Andromeda Face & The Red Pilling of Some Bioware Fans –  I did not give this the proper coverage last week so we’ll say better late than never in this regard. Thanks to commentors who did bring it up. I can remember the days when Bioware was treated with an aura of sanctity, having established themselves as one of those developers where you the games would always be AAA quality that many gamers felt that their money was well spent on. They have long been playing the SJW game too, inserting some of the latest politics & leftie cultural shifts into their games. Particularly when it comes to every bend of sexuality that it becomes entirely laughable (it’s not far off from how the Democrat Party sees the world).  That continued into Mass Effect Andromeda, only for them to really screw the pooch when it came to the faces after $0 million was spent on the development of the title. At the very least, the condition and scandal we’ll call Andromeda Face is worth plenty of entertainment. As a word of warning on these videos, NSFW:

Get Hype For The Starcraft Remaster – Blizzard is going to remaster their classic RTS title Starcraft, with support for 4k and a few other improvements. Read more about it here or check out this trailer:

Gran Turismo Sport In Action (PS4) – From the recent closed beta test on the PS4, the next Gran Turismo is coming along just fine although there is no release date to speak of at this time. Naturally this will look best on the PS4 Pro; for the game features, take a read here.

Nintendo Arms Weapons Trailer: This is looking like the next ‘Punch-Out’ for Nintendo but when it comes to new IP will it gain a following like Splatoon has?

Goat Simulator: Waste of Space (PC, PS4) – In case you thought that Goat Simulator couldn’t get any weirder:

Game Music of the Week: Guile’s Theme (Street Fighter II, Arcade) – Our music this week is the theme from the red-blooded patriot in Street Fighter II, Guile. Always catchy:

Homebrew of the Week: Super TI-99 Mario Bros. (Texas Instruments 99/4A) – Super Mario Bros. set a standard for other platformers to follow and as a way to show off, homebrewers like to show that the game could have been done on different hardware. What we see here adds an additional background to impress further.  This uses the F18A video board for VGA clarity:

Technology Headlines

Microsoft’s Ends Up Being Great For ID Thieves

The “Artificial Sun” Device In Germany – Sure, it uses a year’s worth of household electricity in mere hours but it’ll “fight climate change” ‘n stuff

CMOS Roadmap Looks To End Around 2024

Microsoft Gets A Patent For What Appears To Be A Foldable Phone

Wall Street Seems To Be Going Crazy For Snap

Self-Driving Uber Gets Into A Crash – Robots don’t make for great drivers afterall

Speaking of that, 38% of Jobs May Be Replaced By Robots By The 2030s

The Pioneer 4 Mission

Wells Fargo Now Offering “Card-free” ATMs

Finding Lost Satellites

As mentioned here before, Smartphone Malware is on the Rise

What’s Behind The Methane On Mars? – If we do find microbes there one day, it seems far more likely to me that they would have come from the life-oasis known as Earth as opposed to the other way around


Gab Launches GabPro, Twitter Follows Suit – I know plenty of people just can’t quit Twitter no matter how much the site hates on conservatives and free speech. Gab is still around and growing, adding more ideas and features that Twitter copies soon afterwards. Gab has now launched their pay-by-the-month GabPro service. Lo and behold, Twitter is launching a GabPro-like “Power” service next month.

PC Building Simulator – This simulator isn’t really a game per se so it is down here. This software is in pre-alpha so it has a way to go. That said, if you don’t have access to a bunch of old computer hardware to see how easy it is to build a PC or you want to experiment with newer hardware without spending a ton of money, this is for you:

Boom Supersonic Looks To Bring Low Cost Supersonic Flights Back To The Commercial Market – Yes please. More details about what they hope to do can be found here

Tail Lights of THE FUTURE – OLEDs – In case you thought that OLEDs were just for displays. Now, car makers are incorporating them into vehicles for that sleek TRON look:

SpacePr0n Of The Week: Flying Above Mars: Instead of a single image this week, let’s take a grand compilation of them to sightsee Mars.

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