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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #25 – We’ve Made It! This Far…

Hail Spartans! I’m back after visiting Florida and having a proper vacation. Naturally it wouldn’t have been complete without my idiot brother-in-law mocking MAGA and trying to have an argument about illegal immigration. Being that I’m married to a legal immigrant now US citizen, I wasn’t having any of that. This did mean we missed a week of this thread but now we’ve reached the big ol’ 25. Enjoy!

What Are We Playing This Week?

If you bought a Nintendo Switch then chances are you’ve been playing Zelda since there really isn’t much else for the platform yet. In fact, 89% of Switch buyers have Zelda so far.

On top of going to Florida, a couple of days later I flew down to Dallas for another arcade trade show. To be honest I could have done without it as it was essentially a downsized recap of a show that took place in November but I did get a chance to play Daytona Championship USA, Attack From Mars remake pinball, Aerosmith pinball, Werewolves (XD Dark Ride film), Maximum Tune 5 and Catch The Light Frenzy. Otherwise, no time for console gaming on my end. Here’s the summary of what I saw there.

Gaming Headlines

Nintendo Doubles Their Nintendo Switch Production Efforts

Once Again A AAA Game Launches With Bugs, Bad Dialogue & Other Weirdness Galore (New Mass Effect)

Horizon Zero Dawn Is Selling Rather Well

Super Mario Run Finally Comes To Android

For The PC Master Racer: The Freestyle Edge Split Mechanical Keyboard 

Games Are Still Being Released On the PS Vita, Such As Spacejacked

Nintendo Switch eShop Slowly Building Up A Game Library

Kerbal Space Program To Receive “Making History” Expansion

NeoGeo Games Fixed After Patching On The Switch

Let’s remember: Commander Keen:


Nintendo releases The Making of Zelda Mini-Docs – If you’ve been curious as to how Nintendo went about creating the latest Legend of Zelda game, they’ve uploaded three 10~ min documentaries to Youtube to cover how that went. Here’s the first part, the other two can be found on their Youtube channel.

Daytona Championship USA Slated For April Release – Speaking of playing Daytona, it will be available in arcades next month. They remade the three original tracks from Daytona USA (3-7 Speedway; Dinosaur Canyon & Seaside Street Galaxy) then mirrored those tracks and draped them with a new theme. The mirror/re-theme of Seaside Street Galaxy is called Metro City, here it is:

Paladins Trailer (PC, PS4, XB1) – This is in closed beta at the moment and getting some promotion mainly from Microsoft who seems to remember all of the sudden that a lot of their fans are into FPS games. If you want a game like Overwatch for your console, then this appears to be up that alley.

Kona Released (PC, PS4, XB1)  – Survival: Horror games are so hot right now. If you are into these kinds of games, the latest one is called Kona:

PS Now To Bring PS4 Games To The PC – Well, most PS4 “exclusives” have been on the PC anyways so may as well make it official and retire the word. This sounds like what Microsoft has done for a while with the XB1 & Windows 10 but from what I hear, PS Now isn’t very good as far as functionality goes. Either way, the PC Master Race continues it’s march into total domination.

Sonic Mania Delayed; Sonic Force Gameplay Unveiled – Fans of Sega’s best known mascot character certainly have a lot to look forward to as Sega hasn’t given up on Sonic yet despite some stumbles in the franchise. For the new 2D Sonic, Sonic Mania has been delayed but on the 3D side, we have our first look at the next big Sonic game, Sonic Forces.

Game Music Of The Week: CastleVania 3: Dracula’s Curse – Stream: There are quite a few good songs to chose from among the CastleVania music repertoire. Here’s one picked at sort-of random, Stream from CastleVania 3:

Homebrew of the Week: Millennium Racers: Y2K Fighters (Sega Dreamcast) – This one isn’t a homebrew but a rediscovered game. Millennium Racers was released on the PC back in 1999 but it was apparently in development for the Sega Dreamcast as well. That was never announced so Dreamcast fans had no idea what they were missing until recently a collector discovered the game on a Dreamcast developer kit. After some work on the file, it has been released in a playable form to the community. Check out the full story here or watch the video:

Technology Headlines

Intel Spends A Mere $15 Billion On Mobileye

Support Coming To An End For Windows Vista

Who Says That The USA Doesn’t Have Royalty?

AMD Announces Ryzen 5 Series Processors

Aww, Engadget Has Another Hissy Fit Over The FCC Not Being A Jack-Booted Thug

Lefty “The World Will End If We Don’t Have Every Penny A Democrat Wants” Mentality Permeates Through Space Blogs Too

Tips To Improve AMD Ryzen Performance


The water massage bed – This tech is a few years old but this channel re-edited and re-uploaded the footage so it is new to me. I wonder how effective it is in practice…since it was 2011 I doubt it will be automating massaging jobs out of business any time soon

The Concept Of Circular Runways – “One Man” is trying to make this happen but I highly doubt that such a thing would become commonplace given all of the infrastructure that is already in place. Interesting idea though.

Zubits: Magnetic Shoe Clamps – These aren’t quite self-tying shoes but pretty close:


 A Burnout Using A Thermal Camera – Thermal cameras are fun:

Space Pr0n Of The Week: High Rez Mimas In Saturnlight – Saturn’s moon Mimas is primarily known as the “Death Star Moon” due to an ancient but enormous crater that makes the moon look a lot like the Death Star. The same moon also has an odd heat pattern that in infrared makes it appear to look like Pac-Man. Outside of pop culture references, Mimas is quite the sphere to take a look at in detail. Here Cassini captured a very high resolution photo of it this past January. It’s sharp enough that this almost looks like a finely detailed model as opposed to another world. This is made more fascinating by the left side of the picture is lit from reflected sunlight off of Saturn, i.e. Saturnlight. More details at APOD.

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