This Is Not Your Father’s Oldsmobile

All my life the Democrat party that I knew – and the Left it represented in general –  would have liked Donald Trump. His campaign rhetoric embodied most of the basic ideology that has ruled that party since the end of WW II. Let’s be honest. Trump’s ideology is more akin to what has always been traditional democrat policy – or at least democrat talking points – than it was to traditional country club republicanism. Which is why, over the 30+ years he has been in the spotlight in New York city, and pontificated on the issues of the day, the Left never found anything to complain about. It is why the entertainment elite – a notoriously liberal bunch – welcomed him and made him a TV star, as well as a tabloid staple. The Trump brand was gold. They found nothing unseemly about him – nothing conservative. They certainly did not find him racist, homophobic, or fascist. No one ever compared him to Hitler. And why should they have? His views were democrat views. Or should I say, they were your democrat father’s views.

And what are those views? Standing up for the working class – especially in industries that are heavily unionized. Standing apart from the military industrial complex and big defense contractors.  Criticizing the big banks, the bigger bailouts, and against the outsourcing that has enriched the biggest Wall Street corporations. Standing in favor of détente with the Russians and against the interventionist neocon war hawks.

After listening to liberal talking points for the past 40 years, I suspected Trump might be the first GOP candidate they would not demonize. Was I wrong. Which surprised me. Naivete is not my strong point. But hope springs eternal in the human heart.

I figured they might say: Finally, the GOP nominates someone who is not a religious conservative. Hurray!

But no. It seems the left no longer cares about religious conservatives – their decades-old boogeyman. Jerry Falwell used to represent the most evil man in the world to the left. Now a secular New Yorker is the personification of the devil.

I figured they might say: Finally, the GOP nominates someone who is not a neocon war monger. Hurray!

But no. It seems the Left no longer cares about neocon warmongering – another decades old talking point. That phrase has been deep-sixed. The Left actually sided with a candidate who voted for the Iraq war and who threatened more of the same and demonized a candidate who badmouthed the war and pledged no more foreign interventions. Code Pink can’t get a dime from Soros now.

I figured they might say: Finally, the GOP nominates someone who is not in bed with the big corporations. Hurray!

But no. It seems the Left no longer cares about Wall Street – another decades old talking point. In fact, it was only a few years ago, that Wall Street was vilified. Remember Occupy? The Left doesn’t. They actually sided with a candidate who received most of her large donations from big banks and corporations. The guy who got no money from Wall Street – the populist – he is now the corrupting force in their society that needs weeding out.

I figured they might say: Finally, the GOP nominates someone who is not a pawn of the large defense contractors.

But no. Despite Trump’s observations that defense contractors like Boeing might be milking the taxpayer, the Left took umbrage with him taking umbrage with them. At this point, I’m sure that if Trump insulted Dick Cheney with a tweet, the Left would find cause to join with Haliburton in solidarity. Leave Dick Cheney alone!

I figured they might say: Finally, the GOP elected someone who is not a globalist.

But no. Remember those anti-globalization protests of the ‘90s and ‘00s during G-20 summits, when Left-wing punks would tear down fencing and throw Molotov cocktails in protest of globalization? Where are those punks now? They are now protesting the very man who just railed against globalism. Too late Donald. Now, being anti globalization is the hallmark of  . . . the racist. How that works, we are not told.

I figured they might say: Finally, the GOP nominates someone who is going to stand up for the working class.

But no. Despite Trump’s campaign theme of protecting the working class from the ravages of corporate America – a traditional democrat talking point – the Left has no problem with outsourcing in general, no problem with outsourcing union jobs in particular, and no problem with outsourcing all of this to the most regressive, illiberal nations on earth where workers are so mistreated, they sneak SOS messages into the assembly line products. Help me western consumer, you are our only hope.  The left collectively yawns.

By traditional metrics, Donald Trump is what a democrat used to be. With respect to economic issues, and national security, he is FDR. With respect to social issues, he is Bill Clinton. So why does the Left today consider Trump to be the antithesis of every thing they claim to represent and the personification of evil? He is a socially liberal real estate developer from New York City. Something does not add up.

So, let’s talk about what that something is.

The liberal side today, whether that means the Democrat party, or just liberalism in general, is not your father’s liberal side. Some of the Left is indistinguishable from the GOP establishment, while the rest of it is indistinguishable from Abbie Hoffman. Some went corporatist, the rest went far left. The space it used to occupy had been vacated, and Trump deftly moved right into it, sitting down and putting his feet up – taking the democrats by surprise, and taking the GOP party grudgingly along to victory.

The Left, as represented by the Democrat party, has to now abandon any pretense of caring about any of the talking points it has always pontificated upon; human rights; women’s issues; blue collar workers, etc.. The people who control the party and the party’s vassals – Hollywood, the media, and academia – don’t care about that. Even the economic Marxists of yesterday’s fringe are out of vogue. Bernie Sanders didn’t have much of a message, and whatever message he did have, received little to no support by the power players in the New Left. Now it is cultural Marxism that motivates them. They are in control of the Left and are impelled and united only by their hatred of what they see as white society and Christian culture. And evening the score.

As the old axiom has it, an enemy of my enemy is my friend. If they see blue collar America as white America, then the enemy of white America must be a foreign sweatshop, therefore globalization is good and child labor be damned. If the enemy of American Christians is Muslim fundamentalists, then Islam is good and human rights be damned. If the enemy of western industry is Chinese industry, then China is good and smog, Tibet, and organ harvesting be damned. The Left has no core values. Except one. There is only one common thread that weaves through the tapestry that is the seemingly contradictory quilt of 21st century Leftism. And it isn’t concern for the oppressed. Gawd no.

When they talk about social justice, they mean revenge on the white Christian western world for playing the game by the same rules with which everyone one else played it, but having the temerity to run up the score. That really sticks in their craw. Why it disturbs them on such a molecular level is something for sociologists, or perhaps, even psychologists to ponder. Okay. Psychiatrists. The cure for this cosmic injustice, as they see it, is to disassemble the West and turn it into a gayer, less prosperous version of Bangladesh. This is busing, writ large. And if black women of the future end up enslaved by Sharia law in downtown LA, and gays end up being thrown off the Freedom Tower in New York City, they figure the Islamification of the West is a small price to pay to get revenge on dead white men. Their agenda is like a clearance sale at a furniture warehouse. Everything must go. (Just listen to their screeds. Get them going. Listen to their rationalizations. This is what they say.)

In the ‘80s, GM rolled out commercials in the ‘80s, telling us that the new Oldsmobiles were no longer “your father’s Oldsmobiles”, meaning they were no longer stodgy cars for old fogies. Similarly, the Left today is no longer your father’s Left. (Unless your father was Saul Alinsky.) No, today the Left is hip, and by hip we mean so far out in left field that traditional democrat ideology is foreign to them. They are now the New Left. Economics no longer matters. It is cultural Marxism. It is the radicalism first outlined by a few intellectual eggheads at the Frankfurt School at the turn of the last century. They no longer champion the white working class. They champion the non-white, non-working class. They don’t care if gays get slaughtered in a disco, as long as they can get married before they get slaughtered. They don’t care about reducing pollution or contaminated rivers. That was ‘70s environmentalism. Today, it’s energy use and wealth redistribution. The hammer & sickle on Earth Day gatherings doesn’t mince words. Nor do they care about thousands of dead black men – black communities don’t matter – as long as not a single one ended up that way at the hands of a white man. Hoodlum lives matter. And they certainly don’t care about the working class. Their heroes are all billionaire capitalists now. Except for one – the one who does not get along with the other billionaires. He’s out of line.

What we have seen in the last four decades is the normalization of alternative ideas, and the subsequent destruction of all norms and the repudiation of all things formally progressive, if by progressive we mean the progressive improvement of living standards both economic and legal. From marriage, to the family unit, to freedom of speech on campus, to turbans on cops, right down to norms of washroom and pronoun use, all pre-existing western norms must be overturned. Not because there is something better, but because they are western. They are the products of original sin. This is not your father’s democrat party. This is not your father’s Left. Now the hatred for Donald Trump is starting to make sense. If you connect the dots.

General Motor’s “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile” campaign did not work. I can’t tell you where exactly Oldsmobile went wrong, but having lost too much market share it was shuttered in 2004. Ironic that of all the brands of the Big Three, the one brand that was not your father’s car, was the first one to die. Not enough buyers, evidently, for the Oldsmobiles that were not our father’s Oldsmobiles. Maybe they should have been. I get it. Times change. But if you changed with the times, why did you go out of business? Why did you lose so much market share? Does GM know? For that matter, does Hillary?

In 1973, my father bought a new Oldsmobile Delta 88. White exterior with pin stripe, burgundy tonneau roof with red crushed velour and 8-track. Those were heady days. At that time, astronauts went 247,312 miles away, not 312 miles away. Democrat cared about the working class, not the non-working class. A hippy wanted peace with Viet Nam, not war with Russia. Feminists burned bras, they did not don hijabs. Men used the men’s washroom, guys got married, and they married women. What a crazy time to be alive.

Today, a lot has changed, but only in one direction. Conservatives have adopted the positions of the liberals, and the liberals have adopted the positions of the cultural Marxists. The Overton window shifted massively to the left. The democrat party has been commandeered by the cultural Marxists and all traditionally working class democrat platforms are gone. There is no longer the conservative side and the liberal side. The liberals won those battles. Today there is only the Left on one side vs. pretty much everything the western world used to value on the other.

When a high school teacher tells you that Shakespeare and Descartes are the enemy, you are no longer dealing with a high school teacher. When a feminist says a burqa is liberation, you are no longer dealing with a feminist. When a gay rights activist lays down on an airport floor in solidarity with foreigners whose culture demands he be killed for being gay, you are no longer dealing with a gay rights activist. When a socialist favors outsourcing your job to another country, because not to do so is racist, you are no longer dealing with a socialist. These are not partisan opponents. This is not partisan politics. This is a completely different animal. This is the New Left. And they have gone to war against western civilization itself.

This is not your father’s Oldsmobile.




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