Weekly Gaming/Technology Thread #12 – Winter Is Almost Upon Us

Welcome to the Weekly Gaming/Technology thread – now with 1/3rd of December past us!

What Are We Playing This Week?

A family friend purchased a very expensive laptop for my brother and it can play games better than my work desktop. So I tried out the new DOOM. I like it and the fast paced/old school feel to it. But the sound is off for me. One thing about classic Doom was that the sound mix really stood out. Enemies and weapons were easily identifiable just by the sounds they made. In that regard, the new Doom sounds fairly generic.  I do like the new weapons and some of the options though…the rail gun is a lot of fun to use as are the brutal melee kills.

So what have you all been up to?

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Gaming Headlines

Cruis’n Blast Released To Arcades

Alien Pinball Aiming For A January Release

Intel and AMD Set Aside Differences For A Newegg Holiday Bundle – Don’t forget about buying stuff through Sparta Report’s Newegg program

Feel The Age: It’s been 10 years since one of the best selling games of all-time was released – Wii Sports

Brazilian Company Tec Toy Keeping The Sega Genesis Alive W/ New Carts and more

Yakuza Kiwami And Yakuza 6 Are Coming West – Proof positive that incessant fanboy whining can give you what you want! To the keyboards!

PS4 Regains Top Sales Spot In November Against The Xbox One

Rebellion’s Plans For Sniper Elite 4


Jimmy Fallon Plays Super Mario Run; Fangirls Over The Switch – I probably would do this too, if I’m being honest. Bonus with Shigeru Miyamoto on hand to amp up the pressure. Warning for NWConservative as this shows Zelda but to be honest there aren’t any spoilers 😉

Jimmy Fallon Debuts the Nintendo Switch

President of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aimé guides Jimmy through Super Mario Run before debuting the Nintendo Switch game system by playing The Legend of Zelda in front of creator Shigeru Miyamoto.

Switch Exclusive Seasons of Heaven Revealed – It uses Unreal Engine 4 and sounds like it involves exploration. You play as a child with Aspergers Syndrome with his faithful bulldog Ani and can switch between the two. We’d need to see it in action but it’s still looking like the Switch with hold up just fine against the competition from a power standpoint. More info here.

Mechwarrior 5 Mercenaries As Shown At Mech_Con 2016 – This has been in development hell for so long that I forgot about it. I remember playing the first one on PC years ago and the subsequent mech craze that Mechwarrior 2 gave us. IMHO though, the place we need more mech games is the arcade sector since you can create that mech shell (problem is that most people going to an arcade like stuff watered down and simple these days).

MECHWARRIOR 5 MERCENARIES Gameplay Demo Walkthrough

MECHWARRIOR 5 MERCENARIES Gameplay Demo Walkthrough (Mech_Con 2016) About MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries: In MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries you will adopt the role of a rookie MechWarrior pilot thrust into combat as the Third Succession War continues to fracture the Inner Sphere.

The Last Guardian Available For PS4 After 9 Years Of Development – I hadn’t really followed this one, having forgotten it’s existence until the last e3. Now you can finally play it on your PS4 – if any of you out there have got it, what do you think? It seems to have a strong The Neverending Story vibe to it.

ゲーム「人喰いの大鷲トリコ」でトリコがヨロイを倒す様子 萌え殺されるほどカワイイ巨獣と少年の絆を描くゲーム「人喰いの大鷲トリコ」プレイレビュー、「ICO」と「ワンダと巨象」のいいとこ取り – GIGAZINE

I Guess It Really Wouldn’t Be Tekken Without Fighting Bears (Arcade, PC PS4, X1) – New hotness – fur textures

Tekken 7 – Kuma & Panda Reveal Trailer | XB1, PS4, Steam

Kuma and Panda reunite and make their TEKKEN 7 debut! Who will it be, the Kuma Shinken master or Xiaoyu’s former bodyguard? The choice is unbearable!

The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Trailer (PC) – I’ve never played this but my brother was into it for a while. The expansion has been delayed until January so here’s a trailer to tide any fans over (content warning)

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Release Date Trailer

The latest expansion to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth features: – 55+ new items – New final chapter with boss and ending – New playable character – Greed hard mode – Daily greed runs – 5 new challenges – Loads of new achievements – New bosses and other little editions – PLUS DEV TOOLS!

Universal Has Some Interesting Patents For Interactive Rides – Big theme parks are always working on new stuff to entertain their guests along with driving interest in their parks. With Nintendo and Universal teaming up to produce big scale content, there is a good chance that these patents could hint at something the two are working on – The first patent design sounds more like it could be Metroid related than Ironman (Ironman is Disney after all) and of course there are the obvious Mario Kart ideas that the article mentions:

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Game Music of the Week: Dark Ages (PC DOS, 1990) – I’ll be happy to take suggestions below for songs from video games for the thread. Here’s one from a game I played a bit as a kid on DOS – the platformer Dark Ages. It wasn’t terribly special with it’s 16-color EGA pallet and weird looking characters but I found it fun. If you had a SoundBlaster then you were served with a real treat as the music was way ahead of the graphics in terms of quality:

[DOS Music] Dark Ages – Title Theme

I stumbled upon a very old MS-DOS game called Dark Ages, and I find it’s Title Theme song really cool. The game itself is interesting too. Copy and paste the link instead of clicking it. Composer: Keith Schuler Dark Ages was developed by Scenario Software and published by Apogee Software Productions.

Homebrew of the Week: Rebooteroids (Atari Jaguar) – The Atari Jaguar has had a long, weird history of homebrew developments since 1997 when the console was given a “second life” thanks to some 99% finished beta releases and a few other releases. Most games since haven’t been much to talk about but recently an Asteroids reboot was released for the system.

In development for six long years, this updates the Asteroids concept in a way that looks fun but I have yet to play it to be able to comment.  Graphically it does seem to play off the psychedelic nature of Jeff Minter’s “2000” reboots such as Tempest 2000 and Defender 2000 that were also released on the Jaguar. (Atari had been working on an “Asteroids 2000” update but it never got out of alpha)

Rebooteroids – Atari Jaguar Homebrew – Longer Gameplay Rebooteroids is a new take on an arcade classic for the Atari Jaguar. In development for over six years, Rebooteroids is now available for purchase! Rebooteroids features 100 unique levels, plus 10 ‘kombateroids’ levels for multiplayer head to head.

Technology Headlines

“Star In A Jar” Nuclear Fusion Reactor Showing Promise – I’ll believe it when I see it but hey, you never know

China’s Youtube Alternative Gains a $500 million Investment

In Other News, Yahoo Mail Is Still Garbage

Tiny Piano App Hopes To Make That Extra $300 You Spent On A MacBook Pro Not Feel Like A Total Waste

VR Devs Already Finding Out That Maybe The Road To Success Isn’t Paved In Platinum Afterall

Embedding hidden images into documents using commercial inkjet printers – My DIY Invisible Ink from the 80s wants a refund

Spider Warning Sensors? We’ve Got A Graphene Putty For That – It has medical applications too

For me, it’s a pick between Venus and Titan

Best Tech Gifts For Under $100


With all the stupid talk from the Democrats about unproven Russian hacking & meddling in our election, this tweet is pertinent:

J Burton on Twitter

If Russia wanted to influence the election, they should’ve just donated millions to Hillary like all the respectable foreign powers did.

The Commodore Wars Trailer – This fascinating and somewhat humorous look at the history of the Commodore 64 computer is coming out on December 20th. They were able to get some face time with Commodore founder, the late Jack Tramiel, who sums up his business philosophy in this trailer as “You’re in business to make money, not to make friends.”

8-Bit Generation: The Commodore Wars (Official Trailer)

When Jack Tramiel invented Commodore in the 1970’s, he envisioned computing for the masses and not just the upper classes. Spearheading the personal technology revolution and combatting giants like Apple and IBM, Commodore became a household name by changing the way in which we interact, create and play with computers.

Windows 10 Coming To ARM Processors – Another example of how x86 processors have struggled in the mobile processing wars. More info here:

Windows 10 Running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor

See a preview of Windows 10 (Enterprise edition) running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor, complete with x86 Win32 and UWP apps such as Adobe PhotoShop, Microsoft Office and popular Windows 10 games and videos.

Fitbit Buys Pebble – Pebble was a smartwatch type device that got it’s start via Kickstarter and it attracted the attention of Fitbit. The details in case you are wondering:

Fitbit officially buys Pebble (CNET News)

CNET News ► Pebble announces details of the deal that will see Fitbit pick up parts of the smartwatch maker. Tech Today ► Subscribe to CNET: Watch our playlists: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Add us on Snapchat:

NASA And Giphy Team Up  – Hey, this sure beats whatever the heck “Muslim Outreach” was supposed to be. NASA has a special page for their space GIFs on Giphy:

Space Pr0n of the Week: Dust Filaments Orbiting around the Black Hole at the center of NGC 4696. This photo spans over 45,000 light-years (a little under half of our galaxy) in a galaxy that is about 150 million light-years away from us. More info here.

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