SecDef “Mad Dog” Mattis – Trump’s Anti-NeoCon

In 1989, the U.S.S.R. and Warsaw Pact countries collapsed and the worst of all possible results occurred – the “neocons” were given the keys to the kingdom. I’ll define that term so all of us are on the same page in a moment. First, I want to explain why Secretary of Defense Mattis is Trump’s Anti-Neocon. Mattis is referred to as the most respected Marine office in a generation because he has ALWAYS looked out for his people in both peace and war. What is overlooked is he is the first battle-proven military officer with the will and the vision to vanquish the most fearsome opponent in D.C., the Pentagon.

Now, let’s define “neocon” and discuss where this risible approach to foreign policy finds us after 25 years:

The “neocons” believe American greatness is measured by our willingness to be a great power—through vast and virtually unlimited global military involvement.

I chose that source for two reasons. The phrasing clearly reflects how many would define the term today even though it was written in June of 2011. It also comes from an article quoting neocons in 2011 who actively supported Clinton for President in 2016. You should use the link to read the source article.

The neocons have effectively controlled ALL American foreign policy since September 11, 2001. They did not lose one iota of influence during Obama’s tenure because Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State championed the neocon vision and sent us into the quagmire of Syria before she left office. Had she been elected President, the last four weeks would have been a rising cacophony of propaganda about the need to “put Putin in his place for once and all” – in other words, preparing for war with Russia.

Instead, the American voters turned out in large enough numbers of offset the voter fraud efforts undertaken to insure her victory and prove the genius of the Electoral College once again. Tangent: I’ve been researching since November 9th, there was “voter fraud” though your average psychotic,”anyone we can get an ID for MUST vote” liberal (and MSM) would deny it under torture.

President-Elect Trump has made clear his intention to change the arc of American foreign policy more than any President since Reagan. Trump talking to foreign leaders is a necessary antidote to the damage Obama would be able to do if Trump waited for January 20, 2017 to start talking to foreign leaders. Specifically, Trump has made clear his intention to stop the endless series of wars the neocons have started. Even if that concerns you, we HAVE to rebuild our military AND stop spending the blood, health and lives of our military after 15 years of continuous war operations.

Enter “Mad Dog” Mattis, the one man with a spotless reputation as a warrior who fought for his country as a Marine for over 41 years. He is a master strategist, tactician, logician and makes statements Chuck Norris envies:

“If you can’t eat it, shoot it, or wear it, don’t bring it.”

Once again, I strongly encourage you to use the link to read the article that quote is pulled from – it does an excellent job of giving you a brief look into the military career of one of the finest generals of the last 50 years. The quote also underscores his strategy for the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the First Marine Division. You undoubtedly watched the execution of that plan firsthand on TV as Mattis’s blitzkrieg operation accomplished what many called impossible in record time.

Mattis, in the article, is also described as follows:

Major Gen. Mattis was commanding general of First Marine Division, in charge of the riflemen who were going to bear the brunt of President George W. Bush’s decision to go to war. He was small, wiry, and feisty, energy cooking off of him, the sort of guy who walks into a room of Alpha males and is instantly the leader. Mattis was a lifelong bachelor married to the Marine Corps, with a reputation as an ass-kicking, ferocious leader, an officer who took shit from no man and would do anything for his Marines.

I expect Mattis as Secretary of Defense to take the the exact same attitude to his new tasking and to do everything in his power to kick the living shit out of the pantywaist REMF’s infesting the Pentagon after 8 years of Obama’s reign. With Trump’s support, he will eviscerate those parasites in the military-industrial-congressional complex who use military service as a resume check box before landing an executive position at McDonnell-Douglas and other contractors. God Willing, President Trump will enact a ban on ANY military officer of flag rank from EVER working for a defense contractor.

Most importantly, unlike the neocons for whom having reached a field officer position would be a singular achievement, Mattis knows the agony of tasking our military personnel into a war where some are certain to die. It is past time to drive these obscene proponents of “war is peace” into permanent retirement.

If we are going to Make America Great Again, we should ONLY spend our “national treasure” when and where we must and then ONLY when we have re-equipped our military with up to date weapons and supplies.

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