Monday, October 23, 2017
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NYT Columnist: North Korea has great pizza and live music!

New York Times uber-leftist columnist Nicholas Kristof is touring Kim Jong-Un's Magic Kingdom and reporting on  the often overlooked fun side of North Korea: Liberal...

Scott Adams: Brain-Damaged NFL player-protesters are literally on their knees before Dictator Trump

More proof  that Trump Derangement Syndrome is literally making his opponents insane. Scott Adams says the NFL protest is a complete persuasion fail and that...

Segregation Now & Segregation Forever!

Well, when it comes putting folks in the back of the bus and keeping The Wrong People outta the line for the right drinking...

Is Trump Nuts?

Like Nucking Futz nuts?

Stuck Farbucks

Say "No" to the Haters

Deploraphobia: Notes from The Resisted

Thanks to Hillary for the new terminology?

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