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Las Vegas Mass Shooter Got More Than 1100 Rounds in Before Suddenly Stopping

Gunman Stephen Paddock fired more than 1,100 rounds the night of the Las Vegas shooting, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo told the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Wednesday.

Huh? Las Vegas MPD Said they ‘Engaged’ the Suspect at Mandalay Bay?

What the heck is going on in Vegas?

14 Days Later, Paddock Is The Most Invisible Mass Murderer Ever

Two weeks after the worst mass shooting in American History, the media is virtually silent on Stephen Paddock When the bombs exploded near the finish...

Mandalay Bay Security Guard, Jesus Campos, Now Missing After Scheduling 5 Media Interviews

Family cannot speak to the public, journalists believe they may be under a gag order from the law enforcement.

Could Paddock Have Blown Up A Fuel Tank?

Here's the short answer: It's really, really, really, really hard to do. You'll be glad to know that the aviation industry has long recognized...

Las Vegas Shooter NOT Interrupted by Security Guard?!

I am officially confused. Now the police are claiming that the security guard Jesus Campos was shot at by Paddock BEFORE Paddock began the...

Watch a Video Timeline of the Las Vegas Shooting

Rumors and conjecture outnumber the cold hard facts in this case.

BREAKING: Assistant to Las Vegas Shooter Confirmed?! Two Key Findings Just Announced UPDATE: Drudge Links to InfoWars Report Saying Shooter Made ISIS Propaganda

Someone had access to the room when Paddock left the hotel and used his keycard. The investigators also found a cell phone charger for...

The Las Vegas Massacre: Another Horrific Tragedy, Another Opportunity For the Dems to Push For Gun Control. – A KJ Op Ed

You won’t get gun control by disarming law-abiding citizens. There’s only one way to get real gun control: Disarm the thugs and the criminals,...

Are There Ties Between Paddock and ISIS in the Philippines? Was Paddock Radicalized by His Filipino Girlfriend? – A KJ Analysis

The search for the motivation behind the senseless massacre last Sunday Night in Las Vegas, Nevada by millionaire Stephen Paddock continues. The Guardian reports that... Las...

The Las Vegas Massacre: A Day After of Politics, Grief, Confusion, and a Missing Motive

  In the early 1800s, doctors who worked with mental patients began to notice that some of their patients who appeared outwardly normal had what...

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