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Apple is Suddenly Facing a Slew of Major Software Problems

A few weeks ago, I posted about how Apple's iOS 11 smartphone operating system was having major software issues, in particular causing severe battery...

How Secure is Apple’s FaceID Technology?

Ever since the release of the new iPhone X, I've been waiting for stories like this to appear. I did not have to wait...

Google’s Pixel 2 Problems Continue Mounting

In addition to the problems with screen burn-in, as well as a recent complaints of clicking noises, yet another new problem has emerged for...

Pixel 2 Already Developing Major Problems

Google's Pixel 1 was a good device, with some flaws, introduced at a time when Samsung was on its back after the exploding Note...

Google’s New Pixel 2 Smartphone is Ridiculously Expensive

In my post yesterday, I mentioned that Google's new Pixel 2 smartphone had a number of flaws in spite of its excellent camera. One of...

Does the Pixel 2 Have the Best Smartphone Camera Available?

During its event today, Google unveiled several new products, among them the new Pixel 2 smartphone. As with the original generation Pixel, the Pixel...

Apple’s iOS 11.0.1 is Having Major Problems

Apple just can't seem to do anything right lately. They've had to deal with slow sales of the iPhone8. The iPhone X may have...

Apple Slows Down Shipment of iPhone X Parts On Concerns Over Slow Demand

Initially, after the weak sales of the iPhone 8, analysts were quick to reassure Apple's fans and its consumers that the reason the iPhone...

Google Set to Roll Out Pixel 2 Smartphone, Row of New Products Next Week

Google's Pixel phone last year was an unexpected success, running into supply problems as Google discovered they vastly underestimated the demand for the phone....

iPhone 8 Fails to Bring Out Apple Enthusiasts, Sells Sluggishly

Some of you may recall that I've theorized smartphones are now starting to reach the "saturation" point where the technology has been more or...

Google Smart Phones – Another Customer Service Failure

Mention the name Google, and you will likely receive very opinionated responses from those around you. You will find that people either love the...

Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cost Consumers $1,000?

How much is too much?

Quotes of the Day – Economic Trouble Ahead Edition?

Lots of bad economic news coming in fast and furious in the last few days, and mostly being kept quiet thanks to the melodrama in DC.

Have Smartphones Already Hit a Plateau in Growth and Development?

Do you REALLY need to blow cash on that smartphone upgrade?

Google’s Pixel 2 to Challenge Samsung’s Galaxy S8

Can Google knock the Galaxy S8 down from its lofty perch? Maybe.

Is it Time to Break up Google as a Monopoly?

The NYT has the right idea, but for the wrong reasons.

This is Why the Internet is Smarter than You

Samsung's blockage of remapping the Bixby button lasted all of a day before a Redditor figured out a way around it.

Is the Tablet Fad Coming to an End?


Samsung preorders indicate that the public is in a forgiving mood

Who cares about exploding phones? Apparently, not smartphone buyers!

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