Friday, November 24, 2017
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Shinzo Abe’s Big Victory Tightens the Screws on North Korea

We didn't talk much about it here, but over the weekend Shinzo Abe's party won the snap elections which had been called in Japan,...

US Preparing to Put Nuclear Bombers on 24 Hour Alert

NWC had a post up the other day where he surmised that Trump might be ready to attack someone soon. Now Trump has put...

Is Trump Laying Groundwork to Recall Veterans for a Fight with North Korea by Amending Executive Order 13223?

Today, President Donald Trump signed an executive order amending executive order 13223, which stemmed from the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Pelosi Pushes to Pass Law to Limit the President’s Power to Launch Nukes First

“North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with the fire and fury like the world...

Dotard Hysteria Proves How Stupid Liberals Are

How many liberals knew what the word "dotard" meant before Kim Jong Un used it to insult President Trump?

Watch Liberals Get Wrecked by the Rocket Man!

Rocket Man is on a suicide mission!

Meet the Men Behind the DPRK News Service Twitter Account

The media is still getting trolled by these guys, despite them having been around for years: “On Twitter early Wednesday, the North Korean government belittled...

Japan Preps Evacuation of Its Citizens from South Korea

Japan is understandably nervous as North Korea and China push us closer and closer to the brink of a war: It won't be the first...

North Korea Pushes Ahead With Nuclear Weapons

North Korea said it conducted a sixth and significantly larger nuclear test Sunday, stepping up pressure on President Donald Trump in what is shaping...

Japan Mulling Preemptive Strike Capabilities Because of North Korean Threats

It is high past time for Japan to develop its military capabilities, regardless of whether North Korea is threatening them or not. World War...

Guam Governor Supports Trump on North Korea

Give 'em a punch in the nose!

Chinese State Media Says China Will Intervene if US Attacks North Korea

But will stay neutral if North Korea strikes first.

The Rhetoric Ratchets Up: China Wants Us to Let North Korea “Shoot First”. Of Course, They Do.

America now has a President who says what he means and means what he says...and he has a Secretary of Defense who bears the nickname of "Mad Dog" for a good reason: He is a soldier. Not a pencil-pushing bureaucrat.I hope that the Fat Brat in North Korea has been paying attention.

Trump Having to Deal With Another Democrat Failure: North Korea (A KJ Analysis)

Our President’s plain-spoken warning of "fire and fury" to the little Korean Madman, Kim Jung Un, was entirely appropriate and needed to be said.Regardless of the "Concerned Handwringing" from the usual suspects.

North Korea Plots to Tip Over Guam? (Open Thread)

The whole island could tip over and capsize!

Tensions Keep Rising in Korea

How long can we avoid a war?

Nikki Haley Threatens China Over North Korea

Nikki Haley brings the hammer down on China.

Trump: North Korea is a Problem and a Menace

President Trump is bringing out the harsh words again for North Korea, as the rogue country continues developing its ballistic missile programs. President Donald Trump...

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