Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Google to Deploy an Additional 10,000 Censors to Take Down Videos That “Manipulate” or “Mislead”

Google is going to ensure that the only videos that will ever be allowed to play on YouTube will be cute kitten videos.

Google Flexes Its Muscle on the Web With Chrome Browser

Some of you may recall that Google has recently been talking a lot about using its Chrome browser to punish "bad" ad companies. They...

Google’s Pixel 2 Problems Continue Mounting

In addition to the problems with screen burn-in, as well as a recent complaints of clicking noises, yet another new problem has emerged for...

Pixel 2 Already Developing Major Problems

Google's Pixel 1 was a good device, with some flaws, introduced at a time when Samsung was on its back after the exploding Note...

Direct Government Censorship Is Coming to the West

While Facebook, Twitter, and Google are all run by fanatic leftists, most of them recognize that their business model depends heavily on freedom of...

Google’s New Pixel 2 Smartphone is Ridiculously Expensive

In my post yesterday, I mentioned that Google's new Pixel 2 smartphone had a number of flaws in spite of its excellent camera. One of...

Does the Pixel 2 Have the Best Smartphone Camera Available?

During its event today, Google unveiled several new products, among them the new Pixel 2 smartphone. As with the original generation Pixel, the Pixel...

YouTube Facing Public Criticism of Its Demonetization of Conservative Commentators

Right now, YouTube is a near monopoly when it comes to user created videos on the internet. That may be changing, however, as YouTube...

Google Set to Roll Out Pixel 2 Smartphone, Row of New Products Next Week

Google's Pixel phone last year was an unexpected success, running into supply problems as Google discovered they vastly underestimated the demand for the phone....

Backlash Growing Against Tech Giant Censorship

Google is the biggest and the worst, and thus the most likely target of this backlash, but you can expect more of this to...

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #48 – Censored Edition

What Are We Playing This Week? I've spent some more time playing the ol' Win 3.1 RPG Castle Of The Winds, plus more Splatoon 2...

Ron Paul Latest Victim of Youtube Censorship

Assange apparently thinks that Paul is being censored for "disagreement with Trump." He is being an idiot, here. If you're not with the left,...

Google is now Censoring YouTube in Biggest Crackdown Ever on Political Speech

Any and all videos deemed supportive of hate speech, in an ever expanding and ever shifting definition of it, will be deleted.

Google Smart Phones – Another Customer Service Failure

Mention the name Google, and you will likely receive very opinionated responses from those around you. You will find that people either love the...

The First Man to Stop Clapping

Applause lines.

Is Google the Next Mizzou?

Google is a great example of how SJWs can completely tear a company apart.

Google in Chaos After Firing of Damore

Social justice warriors will NEVER work with people on the other side of the aisle.

SHOCK! (not really) Google has a Liberal Bias

Google is not a fan of Roger Ailes.

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #30 – Moral, Affordable & Wise Edition

Now you're playing with power.

Is it Time to Break up Google as a Monopoly?

The NYT has the right idea, but for the wrong reasons.

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