Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Countries and Firms Vie for Influence in Rebuilding the Caribbean

Every once in awhile, our media seems to remember that they're supposed to be actual reporters, and they write surprisingly good articles. This piece...

Britain and Japan Are Building a New Missile to Protect the Senkaku Islands

The problems in the South China Sea have not received a lot of media coverage recently, but this story caught my eye, doubly so...

Donald Trump: I Should Have Left LiAngelo In Jail!

The triggered response from the Left was epic!

An Attitude of Ingratitude: Why Trump Was Right to Respond to LaVar Ball

Most people return small favors, acknowledge medium ones and repay greater ones - with ingratitude. - Benjamin Franklin Which is your top priority in life,...

What Will It Take For You To Buy American Again?

Into the 1970s, "Made in Japan" meant cheap and questionable quality. The Japanese transistor radio was the meme for what it meant to buy...

China Gets Serious About Pollution

I have a friend in China, Gary Huang, who works with individuals looking to sell Chinese products on Amazon.com. Gary is actually an American...

Fentanyl from China is Killing Thousands in the US

While the liberal media has politicized it and tried to blame Trump for it, the truth is the opioid crisis is a huge public...

Could China and India Be Headed for a Border War?

News that we should really be paying more attention to.

Chinese State Media Says China Will Intervene if US Attacks North Korea

But will stay neutral if North Korea strikes first.

The Rhetoric Ratchets Up: China Wants Us to Let North Korea “Shoot First”. Of Course, They Do.

America now has a President who says what he means and means what he says...and he has a Secretary of Defense who bears the nickname of "Mad Dog" for a good reason: He is a soldier. Not a pencil-pushing bureaucrat. I hope that the Fat Brat in North Korea has been paying attention.

Kim Jong Un Flexes “Military Muscle” Again. Will Trump Order an Air Strike Against North Korea Soon?

Those who used to cringe in their desert tents, while calling us the Great Satan, were laughing in our faces as they walked across our southern borders with the rest of the illegal immigrants, during King Obama The First’s reign. That is, if Obama simply did not invite them to the White House and meet with them, as he did the Muslim Brotherhood. Meanwhile, North Korea Dictator Kim-Jong-Il and his son, Kim Jong-Un, who succeeded him, kept on developing and testing nuclear weapons, in a concerted effort to, one day, be able to attack the United States of America with them. And now, it appears that they may have developed a nuke that will be at least partially effective.

Nikki Haley Threatens China Over North Korea

Nikki Haley brings the hammer down on China.

Trump: North Korea is a Problem and a Menace

President Trump is bringing out the harsh words again for North Korea, as the rogue country continues developing its ballistic missile programs. President Donald Trump...

Nightmare: Twelve or more American Informants Executed By China

How many of these disasters do we NOT know about?

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