Friday, November 24, 2017

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The 1989 Romanian Revolution. A personal account.

An eye witness account of the 1989 Romanian Revolution, and the events that preceded the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu.

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The Chronicles of The Trump Chapter Seven

We thank thee, O Father, for those who came before us, and carved out their lot, in this nation thou has given us.

Black Friday is Now Black Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

The Madness returns once again, this time just in time for Thanksgiving dinner!

Mueller Seeks Flynn’s Testimony in His Never-Ending Investigation

At what point do you tell a Special Counsel and his Investigate Staff who have found no evidence of "Collusion with Russia" to pack...

President Donald Trump Wishes America A Blessed Thanksgiving

America has truly been blessed with a leader who loves his God, his country, and his people.

GROPEGATE Civil War on the Left Over Al Franken

The Minneapolis StarTribune is the The Newspaper of Record in Minnesota and the Unoffical House Pravda Of the DFL Party.So when on Thanksgiving Day...

Thanksgiving Day Open Thread: The Second Annual Gassiest Gobbler Awards – 2017 Edition

Thanksgiving Day Greetings one and all!What a difference a year makes!Last time around y'all were Gassers and Gasserettes; this year it's a hearty welcome...

Thanksgiving 2017: A Time to Remember That God Has Blessed America

Thanksgiving Day.Simply saying the words to myself brings back a flood of precious memories…memories of Thanksgivings past, as a child, surrounded by aunts, uncles,...

GROPEGATE: Can Senator Al Franken survive now that Gropees Numbers 3 & 4 have stepped forward?

Minnesota Senator-in Waiting Keith Ellison please pick up your phone call from Governor Mark Dayton on line 5...Gropegate just got bigger:Two more women have...

Watch Nazi Trump Pardon A WHITE Turkey!!!

Thankfully the brave liberal warriors of Twitter did not allow this injustice to go unanswered.

Watch As Trump ENRAGES Liberal Turkeys!

You would think that something as simple and innocent as President Trump pardoning the turkey would be fine with leftists.

BREAKING: Nude picture of Texas Congressman posted on internet

The Swamp just continues to live up to it's name.From the Texas Tribune:U.S. Rep. Joe Barton, R-Ennis, released a statement on Wednesday apologizing for...

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Invite a Muslim to Thanksgiving Dinner

Editors Note: the author is posting an ongoing series of articles about his experiences in Baghdad, Iraq, where he works in the education business...

BREAKING: Two Minnesota State Legislators resign amid allegations of sexual harassment at State Capitol; Pressure grows for Franken to step down as “GROPEGATE” scandal builds

The widening national "Gropegate" scandal has claimed two more political scalps.Two Minnesota state legislators, one a Democrat State Senator the other a Republican State...

Trump ‘Endorses’ Moore; Dems Pounce on Old Trump Accusations

The Sexual Witch Trials of 2017 rage on.

Victor Davis Hanson: Deplorablism is the The New Hotness!

Victor Davis Hanson has an absolutely spot-on take on the evolution of Trumpism into Deplorablism: So what drives deplorablism?It is not so much an ideological...

Finally, A Bill Naming the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization to Hit the House Floor. What Delayed It?

It is not unusual for the House to drag their feet in bringing a proposed bill to the Floor. However, the ties that bind...

Donks & Libs are finding out that “The New Rules” aren’t as much fun when applied to them

Way back when in the Land and Time Before Trump Townhall scribe Kurt Schlichter penned a cautionary tale about what life would be like...

Trump Will Not Campaign for Roy Moore

White House aide cites Trump "discomfort" with Moore.

Are Republicans Really This Stupid?

If the Republican party stands for nothing else, it's for limited government and lower taxes. If Republicans can't deliver on either — when they have a majority in both houses and a Republican in the White House — it's hard to see why anyone should support the party any more.

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