Monday, December 11, 2017

An Exclusive First Look At The Evidence Against President Trump

Honestly I'm not sure how even The Donald can stand against evidence of this caliber.

California Wildfire is Completely Out of Control

It's well past time we had an open thread on this topic. California has had a double whammy this year, with two major fires...

Open Thread: Trump Rally in Pensacola, Florida

Rally Thread!

Drive Safely!

Witnessed a horrible wreck last night, happened right in front of me on the way home. Driving down Ashley River Road in Summerville, it's...

Roy Moore Rally in Fairhope, Alabama

Roy Moore rallies in Alabama.

Massive Trump Victory: Senate Passes Tax Reform Over Sen. Corker’s Objections, Eliminates Obamacare Individual Mandate

The Senate has managed to pass tax reform after many months of debate, ending their failure to pass any meaningful agenda items in the first year of the Trump presidency.

Lunch is a Dish Best Served Cold

El Donaldo absolutely destroys Jeff Flake without saying a word. Ever wonder what it's like to be force-fed an Excrement Sandwich? Watch the video: Glorious. And Winning!  

The Trump Curse Continues: Amnesty and Impeach Trump King Louis Gutierrez Set to Leave Congress

One of the House Democrat Group of Six impeachment backers is out.

Republicans Running Out of Patience With the FBI and the Mueller Investigation

Prior to Manafort being indicted, the Republicans had become increasingly critical of the kangaroo court "investigation" of Trump, with Mueller having spent months harassing...

Forget Syria, Fight Islam, Al Qaeda, and the ISIS Genocide Against Christians President Trump – Overnight

An open letter to President Trump and his advisors on Syria, the middle east, and islam's genocidal tendencies.

ALL HAIL GOD EMPEROR TRUMP: Still Not Tired of Winning!

Donald Trump became the President Elect of the United States of America on November 8, 2016.  Since then it seems like the nation has...

The RNC Now Joining President Trump, Throws Their Support Behind Roy Moore, Mitch McConnell’s NRSC Nowhere in Sight

Honorable Mention: Gloria Allred for her masterful work in getting Roy Moore back from the depths of the polling slump.

Morning Thread: Sarah Silverman Sees Nazis EVERYWHERE

Remember that old adage "better to keep your mouth shut and have others think you a fool than to open your mouth and remove...

Barron Trump was Written About in 1893 and is a Time Traveler – ONT

Some basic info: The author, Ingersoll Lockwood, wrote a book called Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey His other book is called "The Last President". ...

President Trump Surpasses Every President For the Past 40 Years in Judicial Confirmations

Thanks to the filibuster being killed by Senator Harry Reid, the huge glaring bright spot of the Trump administration is materializing before our very...

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