Monday, December 11, 2017

Yale University Makes Video to Rebut a Dilbert Cartoon

The video ends up proving Adams' point perfectly.

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #46 – Witch Burners Edition

As a note, the Featured Image is from The Witcher 3, since that kind of applies to the post title ;) What Are You Playing...

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #45 – Now With 45% More Dinosaurs

What Are You Playing This Week? In case anyone round here is gaming on top of their politics, tell us what you've been playing lately....

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #44 – No More July For Spartans Edition

So long July, we hardly knew yet. Here are the latest headlines and videos from the world of video games and technology. Here you...

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #43

As an alert, this week's thread might be a little sparse. I was extremely busy with work this week, hosting a husband/wife team of...

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #42 – Life, The Universe And Everything Edition

What Are You Playing This Week? I unexpectedly got a lot of gaming time in, mostly because my daughter was in the mood to play...

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #41 – Blackmail Free Edition

Welcome to another week of fun, starting it off with some gaming and technology news. We promise not to reveal your identity to the...

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #40 – Happy Independence Day Edition

Happy Independence Day (eve) everyone! Here's a collection of gaming and technology news that has come along over the past week. In case you...

Germany is Now Going to Fine Media Companies ‘Promoting Fake News/Hate Speech’

Germany has gone too far. They are now actively going to fine social media companies that fail to remove/ban/block content they deem "hate speech" or "fake news."

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #39 – Lazy Summer Days Are Here Edition

It is that time of week where we take a look at what's going on in the semi-political worlds of gaming and technology. What Are...

Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cost Consumers $1,000?

How much is too much?

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #38 – E3 Hangover Edition

Welcome to our latest collection of news from the gaming and technology worlds wrapped up into one post. This week is the post-E3 hangover,...

Microsoft’s XBox One X Strategy Is Incredibly Dumb

In a market as cutthroat as this, you need to first, not second.

Gaming Thread 37b – More E3 w/ Nintendo

Because it is E3 week, gaming news increases from its normal flow to a deluge. So to help stay on top of it all...

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #37 – E3 Mania X

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this week's gaming & tech thread at the Sparta Report. I'm not really doing any tech stuff this...

Microsoft’s New Console Will Go On Sale in November

And the official name is really stupid.

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #36 – E3 Pre-Huddle Edition

What Have You Been Playing This Week? Still winding down on Zelda myself, exploring on occasion and seeing if there are any side-quests I meet...

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #35 – Memorial Day Edition

This Is Why I Will No Longer Be Posting Links To PC Gamer

GameStop to Become a Victim of the American Retail Crash?

GameStop, we hardly knew ye.

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