Saturday, October 21, 2017

GameStop to Become a Victim of the American Retail Crash?

GameStop, we hardly knew ye.

The Cure for Baldness has Been Found

Head creams will soon be able to be made to regrow hair. The targeting of certain immune cells has been found to trigger the...

Google’s Pixel 2 to Challenge Samsung’s Galaxy S8

Can Google knock the Galaxy S8 down from its lofty perch? Maybe.

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #33 – Pay Nothing Or We’ll Encrypt Your Data Edition

It's been a wild week, mainly in IT with the ransomware spreading and all that jazz.

Meet the British IT Expert Who Stopped the Global Cyberattack

In a development right out of a TV drama, a 22 year old living with his parents managed to stop the cyber attack.

The WannaCry Worm Now Defeated… by Accident

Hackers Defeated, For Now.

Are Most Medical Studies Frauds?

To no one's surprise, the chase for public money and funding corrupts everything.

For all the Gamers: A PS4 Price Cut is Coming

Sony is looking to keep their video game console competitive.

Trump Crushes Defiant EPA and Makes Changes to the Website

Climate Change not welcome at the EPA

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #30 – Moral, Affordable & Wise Edition

Now you're playing with power.

Is it Time to Break up Google as a Monopoly?

The NYT has the right idea, but for the wrong reasons.

This is Why the Internet is Smarter than You

Samsung's blockage of remapping the Bixby button lasted all of a day before a Redditor figured out a way around it.

VPN Usage Grows in the Face of Risky Privacy Nightmare

Why has it taken so long to get serious about internet privacy?

Samsung preorders indicate that the public is in a forgiving mood

Who cares about exploding phones? Apparently, not smartphone buyers!

Will this be the Moon that we Finally Find Life on?

Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide = Life on Enceladus?