Monday, December 11, 2017

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #41 – Blackmail Free Edition

Welcome to another week of fun, starting it off with some gaming and technology news. We promise not to reveal your identity to the...

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #40 – Happy Independence Day Edition

Happy Independence Day (eve) everyone! Here's a collection of gaming and technology news that has come along over the past week. In case you...

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #39 – Lazy Summer Days Are Here Edition

It is that time of week where we take a look at what's going on in the semi-political worlds of gaming and technology. What Are...

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #38 – E3 Hangover Edition

Welcome to our latest collection of news from the gaming and technology worlds wrapped up into one post. This week is the post-E3 hangover,...

Microsoft’s XBox One X Strategy Is Incredibly Dumb

In a market as cutthroat as this, you need to first, not second.

Gaming Thread 37b – More E3 w/ Nintendo

Because it is E3 week, gaming news increases from its normal flow to a deluge. So to help stay on top of it all...

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #37 – E3 Mania X

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this week's gaming & tech thread at the Sparta Report. I'm not really doing any tech stuff this...

Microsoft’s New Console Will Go On Sale in November

And the official name is really stupid.

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #36 – E3 Pre-Huddle Edition

What Have You Been Playing This Week? Still winding down on Zelda myself, exploring on occasion and seeing if there are any side-quests I meet...

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #35 – Memorial Day Edition

This Is Why I Will No Longer Be Posting Links To PC Gamer

GameStop to Become a Victim of the American Retail Crash?

GameStop, we hardly knew ye.

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #33 – Pay Nothing Or We’ll Encrypt Your Data Edition

It's been a wild week, mainly in IT with the ransomware spreading and all that jazz.

For all the Gamers: A PS4 Price Cut is Coming

Sony is looking to keep their video game console competitive.

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #30 – Moral, Affordable & Wise Edition

Now you're playing with power.

Gaming/Tech Thread #29 – Post-Easter Hype Thread

Mother Of All Tech

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #28 – These Shoes Are Made For Gamin’

Welcome to yet another edition of the Sparta Report's Weekly gaming/technology thread. It is true that most of you are here for politics and...

Blizzard to Remaster Its 1998 Hit Title, Starcraft

Engadget Blizzard is legendary for keeping old games alive, but it's going the extra mile this time around. The studio has unveiled StarCraft: Remastered, an...

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #26 – Adventures In Console Gaming

Welcome to the 26th weekly Gaming/Tech thread on the Sparta Report. Here, we put the wonderful world of politics on the back-burner for a...

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #25 – We’ve Made It! This Far…

Hail Spartans! I'm back after visiting Florida and having a proper vacation. Naturally it wouldn't have been complete without my idiot brother-in-law mocking MAGA...

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