Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Breaking News: Blowback! Florida DNC Chair Resigns Over Sexual Harassment Accusations

Accusers describe him as creepy...kept a 'stress ball" shaped as a female breast in the office!

Alabama SOS: If the State Party Withdraws Support for Roy Moore, He Can Win As Many Votes As He Wants, It Won’t Count

This would render the election null and void, another special election would need to be called and the whole process would need to start all over again.

Spain Believes It Has Regained Control of Catalonia

The Spanish are correct in their belief. After the independence referendum, the Catalonian Separatist government balked at declaring independence, instead trying to enter into...

Trump Launches Huge Tweetstorm Barrage Right Before His Joint Press Conference in Vietnam

President Donald Trump launched into a massive barrage against his critics on Twitter earlier tonight. In them he attacked his critics on Russia, meeting with Putin after setting expectations that he would not.

Saudi Purge Picks Up Steam as Dozens More Taken Into Custody

The situation in Saudi Arabia continues to blow up: Dozens more people have been taken into custody by Saudi authorities, the kingdom said Thursday, bringing...

27 reasons Hillary lost the 2016 election, according to Hillary

Shocker: Not one of the reasons is herself.

President Trump speaks in front of the South Korean National Assembly

North Korea in focus.

Post Obama and Hillary…the Real Intra-Party War: What is the Future of the Democrat Party?

Much has been made in the Democlown controlled media of the intra-party "war" in the Republican Party. Given last week's revelations confirming the Hillary theft...

George W Bush: By the Way, I Didn’t Vote for Trump… George HW Bush: RUBES! I Voted Hillary Clinton!

Presidents George HW Bush and George W Bush gave their views on Trump to Mark Updegrove, who included many of them in a book about to be released later this month, entitled "The Last Republicans."


I know what you're thinking... Tony and John Podesta right? It makes sense, if you read the original Manafort indictment, reading into Company "A"...


In other words, the Trump/Russia investigation is OVER.

Trump on Twitter: Why Isn’t the DOJ and FBI Investigating the Crimes of the Democrats?

President Trump went on a tear on Twitter this morning, his first tweet of the day referenced the 11 minutes his Twitter profile was...

[VIDEO] An Update on Virginia’s Polling, Plus Latino Victory Fund Puts Out a Nasty, Racist ‘Ad’ for the Virginia Governor’s Race

First up, the outrageously racist ad from Democrat racist Latinos. The Virginia Governor's race is a week away and the Democrats are pulling no punches...

Larry Schweikart Finds Massive Gains With Republican Voter Registrations Across the Battleground States

Very good news for Republicans from the battleground states, Republican states like Florida and Arizona are trending even redder. Colorado is the only battleground...


Republican Senator Orrin Hatch has decided to leave the Senate when his term is expired at the end of 2018. In the manner of...

Democrats Will Shut Down the Government if DACA Amnesty Not Attached to Spending Bill

If Paul Ryan and President Donald Trump stand their ground on keeping true to the 70 point immigration reform list of Trump's for any...

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