Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Trump to UN: America one of the greatest forces for good in world history

Breitbart: Trump began by saying a bright future for the world demands “strong, sovereign, and independent nations,” defining them as nations “rooted in their histories...

Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe May Hold Snap Elections in October

The background to this is that Shinzo Abe has recently been struggling with falling approval ratings due to major corruption scandals. However, Kim Jong...

DACA Amnesty to Cost Over 115 Billion Dollars

Today, we find that taxpayers are going to have more of their money stolen to give to illegal aliens.

J. Marsolo: ‘On DACA, trust and support Trump’

So why did Trump meet with Schumer and Pelosi?

The House and Senate Dream Acts Allow Two Time Felons to Gain US Citizenship!

Dream Act citizenship for illegal alien felons

Trump’s Alleged Amnesty Deal Would be a Huge Win for Globalists

Amnesty is where Republican careers go to die. Just ask Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) whose own 2016 presidential run was stillborn because he backed the 2012 “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill

Seven Things President Trump Can Do To Destroy Illegal Immigration

And three things he's already accomplished.

Disgraceful: Trump Comes Out in Support of Amnesty

Read My Lips II

Nancy Pelosi: We’ve Reached a Deal With Trump, Keep DACA, ‘Increase Border Security’, and NO WALL

The Dream Act resurfaces to grant DACA recipients... citizenship.

White House says Trump already knows how Hillary’s book ends

"What happened" - you lost, that's what happened. Is it no wonder that bookstores are putting her on the 40% shelf already? President Trump doesn’t...

Uh oh: Judge orders investigation of Clinton lawyers who helped her ‘wipe’ her hard drive

Well, you lefties can live and die by the judge shopping.  Hey, maybe the special prosecutor will give them immunity. Just saying: A Maryland judge...

Polls Show Roy Moore on Track to Crush Luther Strange

This is a typical "Tea Party" story you might have heard from 2010, and indicative of the GOP's failed attempts to kill the Trump...

Clinton: The Idea That Lynch Was Compromised Is ‘Outrageous And Insulting’

Stay out of jail no matter what the cost, right? The Clintons are so much like the Underwoods in House of Cards it is...

Paul Ryan ‘Not Concerned’ With Potential Coup Against Him

Paul Ryan "brushed off reports" that Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows are talking about getting a replacement. Nothing to see here... Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.)...

Resignation/YOU’RE FIRED Watch: Gary Cohn OUT?

Gary Cohn is OUT?

Poll: Antifa is More Popular Than These Two GOP Leaders

The GOP establishment is in the doldrums.

Charlie Dent – Notorious Anti-Trump House ‘Moderate’ – Resigning From Congress

Globalist representative from Pennsylvania throws in the towel.

Democrats dread Hillary’s book tour

Politico President Donald Trump may be the only person in politics truly excited about Hillary Clinton’s book tour.Democratic operatives can’t stand the thought of her...

Trump reassures Dreamers: ‘No action!’ for six months

President Donald Trump sent out a tweet Thursday telling Dreamers they had nothing to worry about for six months, promising 'no action.' President has...