Saturday, October 21, 2017

Is CenturyLink the Next Wells Fargo Scandal?

It wouldn't surprise me.

Illinois Bonds Are Effectively Trading at “Junk” Status

Time for Illinois to take its tough medicine.

Amazon Trying to Expand Its E-Commerce Dominance With Whole Foods Purchase

Can anyone stop the behemoth that is Amazon?

President Trump Cancels Obama Deal with Cuba, Enforces New Trade/Travel Restrictions

Never understood why we ever dropped them. Oh wait, we had an anti-American president for the last several years. President Trump canceled the "one-sided...

The Noose Around Qatar Gets Tighter

How long can Qatar hold out?

What is Angela Merkel Doing in Mexico?

Merkel comes to Mexico to praise NAFTA and Mexico for hosting so many factories for her companies. But mostly to slight Trump.

Is the Oil Boom Restarting in North Dakota?

One of Trump's major victories is now yielding dividends.

Why is a Canadian Pension Fund Bailing Out An Insolvent Mortgage Lender?

Massive corruption as pensioners are forced to bail out a struggling mortgage lender.

GDP Grows by 0.7%, Slowest in Three Years

Another recession incoming?