Sunday, December 17, 2017

S&P to Withdraw US Virgin Islands’ Credit Rating After Governor’s Threat

This is pretty typical of the behavior of a bankrupt state. When the credit rating downgrades get too embarrassing, bluster in front of the...

India’s Demonetization Was a Disaster, GDP Growth Slumps to Two-Year Lows

Readers may recall in December of 2016, we posted quite a few stories on the topic of India attempting to "demonetize" their economy, taking...

Puerto Rico Hopes Chinese Tourism Will Bail them Out of Economic Doldrums

I'm a bit skeptical of this strategy, since the Chinese can invest (and they have) in non-bankrupt, non-high crime Caribbean states like the Bahamas,...

Trump Effect: Manufacturing Gains 150 Thousand Jobs While Federal Government Loses 11 Thousand

Making America Great Again, one job at a time.

Wal-Mart Applies for Patent for Floating Blimp-Warehouse

The retail of the future?

US Restaurant Industry is Still Imploding

Whither the US consumer?

US Virgin Islands Facing Cash Crunch

No more access to bond markets.

Snapchat Stock Crashes as Facebook Dominates

Mark Zuckerberg's evil empire wins again?

OPEC’s Ability to Control Global Oil Prices Fades

Pining for the glory days of the '70's.

As Venezuela Sinks into Financial Crisis, So Does Cuba

What happens when you run out of other people's money?

Will It Take an Economic Collapse to Fix Things?

Those who follow CNBC for economic insight and advice should stop reading at this point. Your brain has been addled by listening to people dumb enough to pretend they know what they are talking about.

Time for Another Oil Price Crash?

OPEC's production cuts aren't going to last.

US Restaurant Industry Has Its Worst Run Since 2009

Retail and restaurants are falling apart. Where is the economic growth going to come from?

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