Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Social Justice Warriors

Social Justice Warriors are the Western equivalent of Saudi religious police or Chinese censors. They are usually white and in their early to mid 30s and are often struggling or feel disadvantaged in some way in their personal lives. They act as unpaid enforcers for the Democrat Party on social media, usually by picking targets of some public renown, and then calling for "action" against that target. Such action usually consists of hundreds or thousands of angry tweets demanding public apologies and attempt to shame the target at a minimum. Other actions may include "doxxing" a target - releasing his or her real name on the internet in the hopes of inciting physical violence - and calling the target's job, friends, and family and making false claims about the target (usually including false claims of sexual assault/violence) in an attempt to destroy the target's personal life. Because Social Justice Warriors are leftists, media outlets looking for stories will often follow their lead in doxxing and harassing helpless victims. Matt Taylor is a typical example of the media following the lead of SJWs. The ringleaders of such social media mobs gain social credibility among their fellow SJWs if they successfully lead a 'takedown' of a target. In some cases, the most successful SJWs can leverage this into to Patreon donations and favorable media coverage and TV appearances.

Uh oh: VICE ‘journalist’ gets fired, apologizes after being accused of sexual harassment

Another Gamergate casualty, and this time of his own making, despite his braggadocio. Sam Kriss, a journalist for Vice and The Guardian, recently was accused...

Christians Kicked Out of Coffee Shop for Being Christians

Hurry up and get to baking some cakes, guys: Members of Abolish Human Abortion recently decided to order drinks in Seattle’s Bedlam coffee shop after...

Alt Knight, BasedStickMan Arrested For Defending Himself After Berkeley Leftist Rioters Attack Him

Over the weekend, there were dozens of demonstrations across the country to showcase support for President Donald Trump and his agenda. An incident between...

Social Justice Warriors Are Creating A Generation of Fascists

This piece was written over two years ago...but it could just as easily have been written today.  It's rather long, and written from a...

Sesame Street Praises Ramadan, What is Going to be Next?

Happy Rape Month to the followers of islam. #Ramadan

Should Obama be stalking Trump around Europe?

Obama is not even trying to be subtle about this.

Spike Lee Holding a Rally for Colin Kaepernick at the NFL Headquarters

Spike Lee has had it with the NFL and the team owners not hiring and blackballing Colin Kaepernick.

4Chan Spec Op Teams to Put a MAGA Hat on the SJW Statue Facing Off Against the Bull of Wall Street

4Chan, specifically /pol/, one of the most effective anti-social justice warrior communites and a massively pro Trump propaganda machine, has decided to embark on...

Tennessee Titans: If You Don’t Like Our Protests, Stop Coming to the Games

I keep hammering on this theme, and I am going to keep on hammering it. The reason for the protests has nothing at all...

Frightened NBA Tries to Avoid NFL-like Meltdown

Unlike the NFL, the NBA apparently has decided it is not ready to sacrifice its existence for the cause of social justice. This is...

NYT Columnist Frank Bruni Pleads: Hear Me Out, Even Though I’m White

How many more allies can the left afford to alienate?

College Professor Who Brutally Attacked Trump Supporter ARRESTED

The professor who was practicing his debate skills with a deadly weapon against an unarmed Trump supporter was just arrested. His name is Eric...

Trump Has Finally Started Blocking Verified Liberals on Twitter

The President has finally, FINALLY, decided to start banning the various verified liberals who spew vomit filled, vile tirades against him every single time he posts something to Twitter.

NFL Players Now “Protesting” On the Field

The NFL had a chance to nip this in the bud by coming down hard on Kaepernick when he first began "protesting" America by...

The Washington Post Attacks the Redskins ‘Racist Name’, No One Agrees With Them

Well that was a bit of an exaggeration, but polling is finding that no one cares about the Redskins' name. Not even American Indians,...

College President Caves to the SJWs, All White People Asked to Leave

One professor disagreed with the "Day of Absence" requirement that demanded all white people vacate the premises. The students at the college became extremely...

Joy Behar: Trump’s Budget Cuts Education ‘So We Can All Be as Dumb as He Is’

Joy Behar started the show and quickly segued into anti-Trump hysteria: “Hello, and welcome to ‘The View.’ I’d like to wish a happy St....

Is Google the Next Mizzou?

Google is a great example of how SJWs can completely tear a company apart.

Leftist Mob to Congressman: ‘This is How We are Going to Kill Your Wife’

No rules for Democrats. No repercussions for their mobs.