Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Countries and Firms Vie for Influence in Rebuilding the Caribbean

Every once in awhile, our media seems to remember that they're supposed to be actual reporters, and they write surprisingly good articles. This piece...

Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #62 – Officially Recognized & Vetted Edition

What Have We Been Playing This Week? I fired up the NES (via the Retron 2) again to experiment with a few more carts, playing...

Desperate Venezuelans Pour into the US; Parties Fight for Their Votes

It's no surprise a refugee crisis is starting to build in regards to Venezuela; it is well known that Maduro has been starving his...

Fusion GPS Tried to Tie Trump to Jeffrey Epstein

The disgraced Democrat opposition research firm Fusion GPS apparently tried to tie Trump to the Clintons' convicted pedophile pal, Jeffrey Epstein: Fusion GPS, the opposition...

GOP Goes All-In to Elect Doug Jones as Roy Moore Victory Looms

This post is partly a result of Richard Shelby's recent comments, and partly my own frustrations with the continued intransigence of the Republican Party...

BREAKING: Another Accuser Surfaces Against Moore As Megyn Kelly is Set to Interview Three Trump Accusers

A last minute accusation while Megyn Kelly revs up the "Trump Sexually Assaulted ME!" bus

The next “Gilded Age?” Apple’s “Spaceship Campus” Cost $5 billion!

I've been reading Matt Drudge for a long time, and when Drudge Report talks about extravagant displays of wealth by American liberals, he usually...

Under Siege: Mr. Trump Spends Every Day in a ‘Hour-by-Hour Battle for Self-Preservation’

He sees the highest office in the land... as a prize he must fight to protect every waking moment, and Twitter is his Excalibur.

Glenn Greenwald Lists the Stories the Media Has Fabricated on Trump and Russia

I know I already beat this topic to death in the morning thread, but I never tire of bashing the far-left media. Glenn Greenwald...

The Trumpire Strikes Back: Loudmouth skier Lindsey Vonn injured

OK, this is really getting is to Twilight Zone territory now. First CNN totally blows a layup with the Rooski/Trump Collusion story on Friday, now...

Deep State Dina Powell is Out of the White House, the Left (State Department) Cries About it

Valerie Jarrett, Jared Kushner, H.R. McMaster hardest hit with this departure.

2.2 Million jobs since the 2016 election

Lowest unemployment numbers in 17 years.

The Swamp Games: America’s 5 Richest Counties Are D.C. Suburbs

There is a reason The Swamp isn't too keen being drained. In fact it seems there are 125,672 of them in Falls Church, VA alone. From...

Obama-led intel fiasco paved way for Russian subversion

When corrupt individuals run the government, the corruption runs deep.


Are there any states left where Gloria Allred has a law license?

DOJ Investigating Planned Parenthood’s Fetal Tissue Sales

I can guarantee you that Planned Parenthood doesn't want their dirty laundry being inspected by the feds.

Boston ‘fair wage’ pizza shop Dudley Dough to close after two years

Ayn Rand wrote about this in 1959. Amazing that people still today don't get it.

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