Friday, October 20, 2017

A Somali Cop Shoots A Woman & The Question The Media Won’t Answer

I ask a tough question about Mohammed Noor that the media will refuse to answer.

To Hell With Your Damn Fetus Parties, Breeders!

Bold words coming from a magazine that gets its sex "tips" from a discarded rough draft of 50 Shades of Grey.

Is Donald Trump A Traitor Or Just Treasonous?

Wait...Donald Trump met with Vladimir Putin?!

Charlie Gard Reveals The Horror Of Socialized Medicine

A literal death panel has ruled that Charlie will die. This is the danger, the horror of socialized medicine.

Sparta Report Podcast: Gloating Over the Georgia 6th Trump Referendum

Doomberg, Fossten, and NWC discuss the recent Georgia 6th Congressional District election that was a referendum on Trump. The referendum showed a massive swing...

Democrats Pulled The Trigger In Alexandria

The Left MUST be held accountable for their actions.

Traitor And Leaker Reality Winner Has A Sad

Reality Winner is convinced that the Trump administration will simply make her disappear.

Happy Ramadan! ISIS Murders 12 in Tehran

Bar the door to your safe space, grab your crayons, and squeeze those puppies until their little hearts explode.  It's time for today's Microaggression.ISIS...

James Comey Illustrates How Sick America Is

James Comey has shown us just how sick America has become.

Trigger Warning Radio: The Left Shows Why They Love Mass Shootings

The only sure things in life are death, taxes, and the propensity of liberals to never let a tragedy go to waste.

Trigger Warning Radio: Manchester, London Bridge, & Living With Terror

Gotta get me some of Glenn Beck's sweet, orange Cheetos money...

Sparta Report Podcast 6-1-17 Part II

Continuing our discussion from Part I, we discuss the democrats attempting to retake the House and Senate.Fossten brings up an article posted on Vdare...

Sparta Report Podcast 6-1-17 Part I of II

Good afternoon all, here is the latest edition of the Sparta Report Podcast.The discussion was centered on what's been going on in the country...

Sparta Report Radio Podcast 3-10-17 – Ryancare – Open Thread

On Friday night, we did one of our podcasts, and the topic this time was Ryancare.The first half was a brief review of the...

Sparta Report Podcast – Deep State Strikes Back Again

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, we have another thought provoking Sparta Report podcast for you all to consume. This was released last night to...

Sparta Report Radio Podcast 2-15-17

Hosts: Fossten, Doomberg, NWConservativeDiscussion topics:Resignations/Withdrawals of Donald Trump's cabinetThe Deep State Vs. Donald Trump InsurgencyRed Religion/Blue Church Discussion: will be available at 3:00 PM...

Sparta Report Radio Podcast 2/3/17

Just Doomberg and myself in this one.The topic is the fall of the Democrat party.