Sunday, December 17, 2017

Why Is Lindsay Lohan A Freaking Moron?

What did Lindsay Lohan have to say about her good friend Harvey?

TakeTheKnee Exposes Liberal Hypocrisy On Speech

Liberals are utter hypocrites most times, but ESPECIALLY where free speech is concerned.

Is It Time To Ban Islam?

If it saves just one life shouldn't we at least consider it?

Donald Trump: I Should Have Left LiAngelo In Jail!

The triggered response from the Left was epic!

Sparta Report Radio Podcast 2/3/17

Just Doomberg and myself in this one. The topic is the fall of the Democrat party.

Traitor And Leaker Reality Winner Has A Sad

Reality Winner is convinced that the Trump administration will simply make her disappear.

Sparta Report Podcast 6-1-17 Part II

Continuing our discussion from Part I, we discuss the democrats attempting to retake the House and Senate. Fossten brings up an article posted on Vdare...

No Gun Law Could Have Prevented Sutherland Springs

There's not a gun law on the books that would have prevented yesterday's mass shooting.

Why is the female orgasm a tool of male oppression?

No, seriously. Cosmo really is trying to argue that the female orgasm is a Bad Thing.

Why Are Liberals Super Pissed At Mike Ditka?

Watch and found out Mike Ditka's true feelings on the flag and the National Anthem.

Watch Loathsome Liberals Dance on the Ashes of Mexico City

See just how horrible these demons are.

The 58 Democrat Traitors Who Want To Impeach Trump

Do yourself a favor and call your representative if you find them on this list.

Tolerant Liberals Savage A Sassy Gay Republican

Take a look at just how brutally tolerant liberals can be.

Pokemon Go: Innocent Fun Or Evil Russian Cyberthreat?

Is Pokemon Go the next front in Russia's cyberwar against America?

Sparta Report Podcast – Deep State Strikes Back Again

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, we have another thought provoking Sparta Report podcast for you all to consume. This was released last night to...

Sick, Evil Liberals Shill For Gun Control After Las Vegas

To the sick, evil mind of a liberal, this is the perfect time to talk about gun control.

Women Don’t Lie About Rape…Except When They Do

Lena Dunham managed to put her foot squarely in her gaping maw on Twitter the other day.

Let Richard Spencer Speak!

Richard Spencer is free to express his beliefs no matter how distasteful they may be.

Is Frederica Wilson Lying Or Just Plain Stupid?

Frederica Wilson recently compared the ambush of special forces troops in Niger to Benghazi...

Sparta Report Podcast 6-1-17 Part I of II

Good afternoon all, here is the latest edition of the Sparta Report Podcast. The discussion was centered on what's been going on in the country...

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