Friday, October 20, 2017

Why Are Liberals Super Pissed At Mike Ditka?

Watch and found out Mike Ditka's true feelings on the flag and the National Anthem.

Trump, Stop Being A Cuck & Legalize Everyone NOW!!!

I do have one catch, though...

What Fresh Hell Is Lena Dunham Tweeting About Now?

What exactly was this insane tweet? Watch the video to find out.

Why Did Liberal Heads Explode Over Mike Pence’s Quick Exit?

Mike Pence wasn't putting up with any of the 49ers sh*t on Sunday.

Watch a Video Timeline of the Las Vegas Shooting

Rumors and conjecture outnumber the cold hard facts in this case.

Dotard Hysteria Proves How Stupid Liberals Are

How many liberals knew what the word "dotard" meant before Kim Jong Un used it to insult President Trump?

Watch Liberals Get Wrecked by the Rocket Man!

Rocket Man is on a suicide mission!

TakeTheKnee Exposes Liberal Hypocrisy On Speech

Liberals are utter hypocrites most times, but ESPECIALLY where free speech is concerned.

Is Trump Cucking About on DACA?

Join me as I break down President Trump's possible strategy in a stream of consciousness rant.

Why Is Jennifer Lawrence Crashing And Burning?

Why did a movie headlined by Jennifer Lawrence-the most desirable young actress in Hollywood today-do so poorly?

Disgusting Michael Rapaport Thinks It’s Fun to Bully Melania Trump

Here's my (NSFW) respond to this "gentleman."

Tolerant Liberals Savage A Sassy Gay Republican

Take a look at just how brutally tolerant liberals can be.

Sick, Evil Liberals Shill For Gun Control After Las Vegas

To the sick, evil mind of a liberal, this is the perfect time to talk about gun control.

What Happens After NBC Fires Megyn Kelly?

I've stumbled across what I think is a viable career path for her after NBC finally gives her the boot.

Watch Loathsome Liberals Dance on the Ashes of Mexico City

See just how horrible these demons are.

A Somali Cop Shoots A Woman & The Question The Media Won’t Answer

I ask a tough question about Mohammed Noor that the media will refuse to answer.

Women Don’t Lie About Rape…Except When They Do

Lena Dunham managed to put her foot squarely in her gaping maw on Twitter the other day.

Traitor And Leaker Reality Winner Has A Sad

Reality Winner is convinced that the Trump administration will simply make her disappear.

Watch Libtards Shower The Kaiju Conservative With Love!

Watch them shower me with love and praise. ;)

Sparta Report Podcast: Gloating Over the Georgia 6th Trump Referendum

Doomberg, Fossten, and NWC discuss the recent Georgia 6th Congressional District election that was a referendum on Trump. The referendum showed a massive swing...