Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Why is the female orgasm a tool of male oppression?

No, seriously. Cosmo really is trying to argue that the female orgasm is a Bad Thing.

The 58 Democrat Traitors Who Want To Impeach Trump

Do yourself a favor and call your representative if you find them on this list.

Is Frederica Wilson Lying Or Just Plain Stupid?

Frederica Wilson recently compared the ambush of special forces troops in Niger to Benghazi...

Why Did Liberal Heads Explode Over Mike Pence’s Quick Exit?

Mike Pence wasn't putting up with any of the 49ers sh*t on Sunday.

Why Are Liberals Super Pissed At Mike Ditka?

Watch and found out Mike Ditka's true feelings on the flag and the National Anthem.

Is Terry Crews a Liar or a Coward?

People everywhere praised Terry for being brave by admitting he was assaulted.  Except Terry Crews refused to reveal the man's identity.  Is this really the act of a brave man?  Is Terry Crews nothing more than a coward?

Is It Time To Ban Islam?

If it saves just one life shouldn't we at least consider it?

Watch a Video Timeline of the Las Vegas Shooting

Rumors and conjecture outnumber the cold hard facts in this case.

Ted Lieu Is A Virtue Signalling Jackass

Screw you, Ted Lieu.

One Year Later Liberals Say Thank You Hillary!


Donald Trump: I Should Have Left LiAngelo In Jail!

The triggered response from the Left was epic!

5 Examples of Democratic Party Leaders Who Are Crooks

Let's take a look at five Democrat crooks that liberals "held accountable," shall we?

Why the hell is Keith Olbermann allowed on Twitter?

Noted libtard basement dweller Keith Olbermann tweets out horrible, insane rants almost daily.

Watch As Trump ENRAGES Liberal Turkeys!

You would think that something as simple and innocent as President Trump pardoning the turkey would be fine with leftists.

No Gun Law Could Have Prevented Sutherland Springs

There's not a gun law on the books that would have prevented yesterday's mass shooting.

Hallelujah! Harvey Weinstein Is Cured!

As long as those bitches who accused him of raping them keep quiet...

Watch Nazi Trump Pardon A WHITE Turkey!!!

Thankfully the brave liberal warriors of Twitter did not allow this injustice to go unanswered.

Trump, Stop Being A Cuck & Legalize Everyone NOW!!!

I do have one catch, though...

Let Richard Spencer Speak!

Richard Spencer is free to express his beliefs no matter how distasteful they may be.

Pokemon Go: Innocent Fun Or Evil Russian Cyberthreat?

Is Pokemon Go the next front in Russia's cyberwar against America?

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