Tuesday, December 12, 2017

#Resist Supporter Debbie Wesson Gibson Resurfaces With a Letter From Roy Moore

She's Baaaaaack! Donna Wesson Gibson found a nice letter from Judge Roy Moore. He also gave her 10 dollars.

House Republicans Say McConnell Didn’t Clear It With Them Before Making Huge Promises to His Colleagues to Get Their Votes For Tax Reform

"It's problematic to be promising something that the House has shunned from very early on."

Report: Democrat Scumbag John Conyers May Resign UPDATE: Resigns

John Conyers' resignation would go a long way to solving at least one Democrat headache.

The RNC Now Joining President Trump, Throws Their Support Behind Roy Moore, Mitch McConnell’s NRSC Nowhere in Sight

Honorable Mention: Gloria Allred for her masterful work in getting Roy Moore back from the depths of the polling slump.

Shadows in the Swamp – Mueller, Comey, the FBI, Hillary, E-mailgate, and a Partisan Witch Hunt Against Trump

All of the collusion, all the things they’re trying to get Trump on, the Democrats did. I’m frosted over this, and everybody ought to...

It’s Binge Mania Season on NetFlix

Uh, yeah, my name is Bruno and am a Netflix binge-o-holic. HI BRUNO! WELCOME AND THANK YOU FOR COMING TONIGHT. Uh, you betcha I guess. SO BRUNO...

“We dig holes”: The Rangers versus The Ecos is Reshaping the Politics of Minnesota’s Iron Mining Northland

Rangers. Shorthand for the folks who live on the mineral rich Mesabi and Vermilion iron ore ranges about fifty miles northwest of the inland port...

Establishment Republican Lindsey Graham “Concerned” Over Trump’s Tweeting About Russia Investigation

People who lost money when the Stock Market went down 350 points based on the False and Dishonest reporting of Brian Ross of @ABC...

New CBS Poll Shows the Media and the Establishment Caving on Roy Moore

For several weeks now, there have been dueling polls showing giant, outsized Roy Moore leads juxtaposed against polls showing a tied race or small...

Masterpiece Cake Shop Field Trip

I decided to make a run to Masterpiece Cake Shop and buy some cookies in support of their case going to the Supreme Court...

Why President Trump Saying “Merry Christmas!” at the National Tree Lighting Was So Important – A KJ Sunday Morning Reflection

Earlier this week, a very special moment occurred in our nation's capital. An American President wished everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Needless to say, there was...

Faux Outrage over an Antifa T-Shirt is an Outrage

Brietbart has everyone's knickers in a twist this morning over WALMART SELLING 'ANTIFA' FAN GEAR. I'm outraged by their outrage!

Mueller Fires ‘Top Investigator’ Due to Anti-Trump Text Messages to His Cheating Mistress While He Was Working on the Hillary Clinton Investigation

"Not a smidgen of corruption" at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This is only going to add fuel to the fire for President Trump's assertions that the federal government deep state is out to destroy him.

The Gift of the Disabled

There has been YUUUUGE things on Sparta and the World where it drives a certain kind of people crazy, or more accurately, more crazier...

Flynn Pleads Guilty. “Dogs and Cats Living Together”? Or a Great Big “Nothingburger”?

Yesterday, after I arrived at work, I checked the news on my cell phone and found out that Michael Flynn had pleaded guilty to...

What were they thinking?

This is just a Mark rant about how stupid and insensitive people can be. The photograph is from the local newspaper in an article...

Gary’s Gone: “This Is The Last Effin’ Lake Wobegon Monologue I’m Ever Gonna Do!”

Well, it's been a rough week in Lake Wobegon, Minnesota, my hometown, out there on the edge of the prairie. Our local fishwrap, The Herald Star,...

The Trumps Light The White House Christmas Tree

Making Christmas Great Again!

Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty for Lying to the FBI, Is Going to Testify Trump Directed Him to Communicate With Russia Update: Let’s Review Reality

Today he will be pleading guilty to the charge and is promising full cooperation with Robert Mueller's special prosecution.

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