Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sparta Thanksgiving Recipes!

T minus 11 days

Baghdad Blues #5

Islamopalooza, or The Interminable Inbred Clown Club

The Left and White Supremacy

Whereas the left separated citizens into haves and have-nots, today with globalization redistributing wealth on an unprecedented scale, the Marxists have moved onto a new way to engender internal strife – race struggle – the whites and the white-nots.

The Chronicles of The Trump Chapter Six

The time for Gloating is upon us.

DNC: Obama Broke Us! Dems Fire Top Fundraiser as GOP Dominates in Fundraising

Say, Deplorable. Can you spare a dime?

Post Obama and Hillary…the Real Intra-Party War: What is the Future of the Democrat Party?

Much has been made in the Democlown controlled media of the intra-party "war" in the Republican Party. Given last week's revelations confirming the Hillary theft...

Latest Brazile Bombshell: Considered Dumping Clinton for Biden

An "odor of failure" surrounded the campaign

Virginia Showdown: Trio of Late Polls Show Gubernatorial Race Tightening in Final Week

The latest three polls released in the Virginia Governor's race between Republican Ed Gillespie and Democrat Ralph Northam all indicate a virtual dead heat...

Sparta Thanksgiving Recipes!

...and here come the Holidays! Since we have a number of foodies here at Sparta, and in the interest of keeping recipes off the open...

Obama-era FBI Official: Get Used to Muslim Terror Attacks in America

"Just get used to it" - Democlowns

First Charges Filed-Mueller Strikes, Who Falls First?

So it looks like Mueller has finally struck his first blow, and who will go down first? A federal grand jury in Washington has approved...

Es-cat-naba in da garage… or Is this the true face of evil? A Halloween weekend tale.

So a little while ago I posted in the comments several times about having the neighbors cat (we call her Patches) living around my...

The Chronicles of the Trump, Chapter Five

1. The Cuck cucketh three times, and Flake was out. For he dareth to fight The Trump verbally, for which he receiveth the piercing...

George W. Bush is Confused

Turns out he just another member of that disgusting place called The Dreaded Swamp.

Baghdad Blues #3

Number three in the Baghdad Blues series, focusing on the idiocy of Islam and the Boobs Without Nipples.

The Chronicles of The Trump, Chapter Three

1.And the Trump Tweeteth, and the whole Earth was troubled, so powerful was the Tweet. 2.For a Tweet mocketh a Corker, one who giveth rise...

Roger Goodell – Don’t Break the NFL Rules

Mr. Goodell should be disciplined along with his players for blatantly breaking the NFL rules and encouraging his players to "take a knee."

Conservative vs. Liberal – The Politics of Blame

I have found that how we as society find fault in life to be somewhat inline to our political ideology. It is said that...

The Chronicles of the Trump, Chapter Two

1.       Fireth them sons of bitches! Sayeth the Trump 2. The shot heard round the National Football League ringeth true and flieth straight through the...

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