Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Gift of the Disabled

There has been YUUUUGE things on Sparta and the World where it drives a certain kind of people crazy, or more accurately, more crazier...

Quotes Of The Day: Crime And No Punishment Edition

Statement by Jeff Sessions on verdict: “When jurisdictions choose to return criminal aliens to the streets rather than turning them over to federal immigration authorities,...

A Story of a Sleepy Driver

I was not only as dangerous as any drunk driver, but I was just as morally wrong for choosing to be behind the wheel.

The 1989 Romanian Revolution. A personal account.

An eye witness account of the 1989 Romanian Revolution, and the events that preceded the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu.

The Chronicles of The Trump Chapter Seven

We thank thee, O Father, for those who came before us, and carved out their lot, in this nation thou has given us.

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Invite a Muslim to Thanksgiving Dinner

Editors Note: the author is posting an ongoing series of articles about his experiences in Baghdad, Iraq, where he works in the education business...

Trump ‘Endorses’ Moore; Dems Pounce on Old Trump Accusations

The Sexual Witch Trials of 2017 rage on.

Trump Will Not Campaign for Roy Moore

White House aide cites Trump "discomfort" with Moore.

Are Republicans Really This Stupid?

If the Republican party stands for nothing else, it's for limited government and lower taxes. If Republicans can't deliver on either — when they have a majority in both houses and a Republican in the White House — it's hard to see why anyone should support the party any more.

Alabama Newspapers: “Stand for Decency, Reject Roy Moore”

Alabama Media Group leans left, has been warned by Moore of false reporting

The Chronicles of the Trump, Chapter Seven

Grab thy balls, Hannity, lest they be taken from you.

Sexual Politics: Dem Maneuver to Trap Trump in the Witch Trials of 2017

Multiple motives behind Democrat actions on Moore, Franken, and Bill Clinton

Breaking News: Blowback! Florida DNC Chair Resigns Over Sexual Harassment Accusations

Accusers describe him as creepy...kept a 'stress ball" shaped as a female breast in the office!

Alabama GOP Sticks with Moore

Breaks with RNC and most of national leadership

Trump punks the media again

Trump just punked the media again. There was almost no media coverage of Trump's two weeks in the east. Now they will be force to report something.

The Leftist War on Language

Progressives have used various tools to defuse individual hopes, goals, desires, even thoughts. One of these is language. But to use it, they must hone it to their image. That is, with no historical meaning tethering them to a past which must be supplanted. They are then free to redefine and reconstruct. Their goal is to make language amorphous, adaptable, alienating.

Sparta Thanksgiving Recipes!

T minus 11 days

Baghdad Blues #5

Islamopalooza, or The Interminable Inbred Clown Club

The Left and White Supremacy

Whereas the left separated citizens into haves and have-nots, today with globalization redistributing wealth on an unprecedented scale, the Marxists have moved onto a new way to engender internal strife – race struggle – the whites and the white-nots.

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