Why Are the Democrats Getting Away With Disenfranchising American Voters? It is Time to #STOPTHESTEAL

Folks, I thought — I really hoped — that after five months of American leftists burning down American cities, destroying American businesses, destroying private property, that the people of this country would once and for all see who they are and vote against them. That’s what I was hoping. I was hoping they’d finally exposed themselves.

You know, all this stuff that happened after COVID-19 hits and the lockdown hits, and then here comes these seven blue states and cities locking down, shutting down — the looting, the rioting, the fires; the explosions in New York, Chicago, Seattle (where they took over part of downtown Seattle, literally took over other people’s private property)…

I’m saying, “This has got to open people’s eyes. It’s got to alert people what we are up against. It’s got to alert people to what the Democrat Party is,” and I don’t know if it did or not because there’s too much damn vote fraud in these four states. We just don’t know. Common sense would tell you the American people do not support this stuff. This stuff is not the majority. It’s not how they want their country to operate and proceeded. – Rush Limbaugh, 11/6/2020

Once again, the Godfather of Conservative Talk Radio says out loud what millions of Americans have been thinking.

Why does it seem like the Democrats can get away with every single unethical and corrupt thing they do?

It is obvious that the Democrat Operatives in these Battleground States have literally been manufacturing votes for Joe Biden since the early morning hours of November 4th when 4 of them literally took a four hour break.

The stories of operatives going door-to-door in order to have Democrat Voters “fix” their ballots after submitting them is just one example of sleazy, underhanded behavior which has become public and which has average Americans living between the coasts seething in rage over having our votes disenfranchised.

There was promising news coming out of the Supreme Court yesterday as Justice Alito ordered Pennsylvanian Authorities to separate the votes which came in after the night of the Election and to separate the counts.

That is a good start

However, Americans continue to see a disconcerting pattern here.

A lot of people are saying that they stand with the President in his fight against the horrible theft being perpetrated against him.

However, I am not seeing any action out of Capitol Hill Republicans.

I am not seeing any action out of Attorney General Bill Barr and the Department of Justice, either.

I realize that there are “Establishment” or “Vichy” Republicans who want Trump out of office so that they can return to the Washington Status Quo which was lining their pockets with easy money.

However, if the political fraud and corruption is not expunged from our Presidential Electoral Process, Americans will one day be eating garbage on the streets, just like Venezuela.

It is time for Democrats to pay a price for their hatred of President Trump which has caused them not to care whether anybody sees their blatantly corrupt voter fraud operation which is still going on to this very second.

Our Justice System MUST do their jobs and #STOPTHESTEAL now….before we face a second Civil War.

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