Post Election Day 3

Secrecy of Ballot

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We are now into Day 3 of the post election. At this time, nothing has been resolved.

Ballots in AZ, NV, PA, NC and GA continue to be counted. WI and MI are a total mess. The ballot counting fraud continues across the nation.

Texas has at least 95,000 non-citizens who have voted.

Over 200,000 ballots have only markings for the Presidential election, and no others. Ballots have been back-dated for postmarks to be “compliant.” Think of any way that fraud could be conducted, and it likely has been employed.

Likely, millions of ballots are fraudulent.


The Secret Ballot

The Secret Ballot, a cornerstone of American voting since the 1800’s, no longer exists. Mail in voting finished it off. Now, unscrupulous actors can get all the information about who you voted for with just a little bit of work.

How does this work?

Here in California, each ballot has a bar code imprinted on the envelopes and the ballot. The bar code identifies the address and name of the person it was sent to. When the ballot is returned, it can be tracked on-line to see if it was received or not, and when it was processed.

Georgia has similar policies apparently. Many ballots were not properly filled out. Instead of being tossed out, the Democrats have taken the spoiled ballots and are going to each place of residence and getting them corrected. Of course, they are only doing this for Biden and not Trump.

The purpose of the Secret Ballot is to prevent undo pressure from being put on voters. Go into the voting booth, and you can vote your conscience without fear of reprisals.

We must return to the principles of the Secret Ballot, beginning with banning Mail In Voting. Ballots must no longer be encoded with Names and Addresses of the people for whom the ballot is intended. This would go a long way in preventing voter fraud.


Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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