Newsom’s & Cuomo’s Declared War on Thanksgiving

Now Gov Cuomo gets into the act

Thanksgiving dinner. Roasted turkey garnished with cranberries on a rustic style table decoraded with pumpkins, vegetables, pie, flowers, and candles (Thanksgiving dinner. Roasted turkey garnished with cranberries on a rustic style table decoraded wit

With less than two weeks until the Thanksgiving holiday, California is facing a new type of Covid 19 crisis. This is how to celebrate Thanksgiving, a most uniquely American holiday. (Yes, I know that Thanksgiving has its roots in old European Harvest Festivals. But screw that.)

Everyone knows the story of Thanksgiving, how the Pilgrims and Indians got together for a celebratory feast of the previous year and the harvest. It is a time when families and friends enjoy get togethers, and the pleasure of being one again.

This is a holiday that Leftists hate because it embodies all that they perceive is wrong with America. They especially hate it because it reinforces the idea of the family unit, something that if broken down, does irreputable harm to the country.

In the face of Covid-19, CA Gubber Gavin Newsom has decreed how people WILL conduct Thanksgiving Day observances for 2020. Here are his mandatory requirements.

  • Just three households are permitted to attend a single gathering.
  • Only interact with the same few households repeatedly, do not interact with others.
  • The host must collect names and contact information for all guests for contact tracing purposes.
  • All gatherings must be held outside.
  • Attendees can only go inside to use the restroom – and only if they are frequently sanitized.
  • People may sit under umbrellas or other outdoor coverings if 75% of the space is in the open air.
  • Gathering space must be large enough to maintain 6 feet of space in all directions between each attendee.
  • Shared food plates for serving may not be used during a gathering.
  • Face masks are mandatory.
  • Gatherings must not exceed 2 hours.
  • If singing, chanting, shouting, or exercise occurs, all who participate must wear a face mask and social distance and must be at a volume at or below a normal speaking voice.
  • Instrumental music is allowed only if the musician social distances and is a member of one of the households. Wind instruments are strongly discouraged.

The whole idea of these Thanksgiving regulations is entire absurd. It is nothing more than an attempt to eliminate Thanksgiving get togethers and then which will be applied to Christmas activities.

Thanksgiving in California is not a “wonderful climate” experience where it is always sunny and in the 70’s outdoors. Instead, it can be very cool or cold with temps into the 40’s or 50’s or lower in many parts. As well, rain can be a common occurrence on Thanksgiving.

To require that the get togethers be conducted outdoors is just a tactic to prevent people from getting together and nothing more.

The idea of social distancing outdoors is even more absurd. 6 feet apart from each family member is just plain nuts. Only something a Democrat fanatic could imagine. And then only going inside to use the restroom, what type of friggin thought up this?

Then there is the whole eating outside experience. How can one reasonably be expected to eat in the cold and rain?

The gathering is then restricted to three households. Just plain insane. Suppose you have 3 adult children with family. And aunts and uncles and grandparents. How does a person decide who can come or not? By drawing names from a hat?

Come on man! Use your brain for once!


Gubber Cuomo

Joining in on the fun, Gubber Cuomo of New York had to get in on the act also. Cuomo has created a requirement that no more than 10 people can gather for Thanksgiving. That’s right, 10 people. This can be even more restrictive than California for many.

Then, if you travel out of state for Thanksgiving, coming back you will need to quarantine for two weeks after going home. That is right, two weeks.

Even worse, people going to New York from out of state will be required to quarantine for two weeks, even if they only come for the holiday weekend.

Cuomo’s response to this? “The best way to say “I love you” and “I’m thankful for you” this Thanksgiving is to not hold typical family events or other small gatherings.”  Instead, people can communicate virtually.

To ensure that the travel guidelines will be enforced, there will be increased police and National Guard presence in the airports for enforcement.

Where does this absurdity end? Gubber Newsom and Cuomo are just petty dictators intent upon destroying their states’ economies and social structure to exert dictatorial control over their citizens.

This is not going to end well.


Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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