It’s a Twofer

One for each coast!

There are two SpaceX launches this weekend.

The first is 12:17 PM EST from Vandenberg AFB. Anything to escape California. What will be neat about this one is that the landing will be back at the launch site which means we should get awesome video. The payload is a satellite for measuring ocean conditions — or so we’re told.

The second is Sunday is 9:56PM EST from Cape Canaveral. This one is the fifteenth Starlink flight. Starlink is to “deliver high speed broadband internet to locations where access has been unreliable, expensive, or completely unavailable.” In other words, SpaceX is spending a gazillion dollars to altruistically provide Internet to people without money. Of course, I guess it’s also possible for everyone else on the entire planet to become Starlink users as well in which case Elon Musk will control, well, virtually every virtual thing.

SpaceX livestream typically begins about 10 minutes prior to launch at:

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