Election Day + 8

“The beat goes on”

Trump New Hampshire Rally

Here we are at Day 8 post election and no one knows a damned thing about what is going to happen. Anyone who says so is a fool or a liar, take your pick.

Fox has begun purging the remainder of any of its hosts or commentators who express Pro-Trump views. Soon, it will be another MSNBC, featuring idiots and pond scum.

Newsmax and OAN are picking up new viewers by the tens of thousands, those who are leaving Fox.

The CA economy remains mired in stupid C-19 policies. Gov Newsom has ordered that Thanksgiving Day activities be substantially curtailed. Only three households can get together. Eating must be done outdoors with everyone 6 feet apart. Paper plates only are to be used. Masks worn when not eating. And the get togethers limited to 2 hours only. (The real Thanksgiving celebration will begin only when this asshole is out of office.)

Christmas restrictions expected to follow soon.

Christmas this year is going to be a very lean year for large portions of the American public. Retail sales will be way down from previous years. Retailers that depend upon the Christmas season to survive the rest of the year will not make enough profits to carry through another year.

Many Americans right now, both renters and owners, are juggling their money. They are being forced to choose between paying the rent/mortgage, paying utilities or putting food on the table. This will lead to the drop in Christmas spending.

Any new Stimulus Package will not get approved until after the election is decided. Probably it will take until late January or early February to be approved.

Saturday will have DC experiencing another mass protest. But this time, it is the good guys. The organizers have called it the MAGA Million Man Rally. Is to be held on Freedom Plaza near the White House.

Was announced on Twitter, but no retweets were allowed.

One can only imagine how many people will turn out for this event. It could be so YUGE that it will put the fear of God and Trump into the Democrats. And when Trump begins his own rallies, the movement will only increase to even greater heights.

Dems are feeling the heat. The empirical, anecdotal and statistical evidence that is coming out, does so in a steady stream. It will continue to put even greater pressure on those who have perpetrated this fraud upon the nation.

In other news, SCOTUS heard arguments on ACA. The subject was whether removal of the penalty/tax invalidated the ACA, the term being used for the action being severability.

Severability is an interesting concept. It is found in many agreements, especially contract law. It goes to if one portion of an agreement is found to be invalid, does the rest of the agreement exist without it.

If an agreement has a severability clause that says the agreement remains in force if any clause is found invalid, then for ACA removal of the tax/penalty does not affect the overall scheme of ACA.

If ACA says that no portion of the agreement can be severed, then the removal of the tax/penalty has rendered it void.

ACA apparently does not mention severability. This is the point of contention.

Under common law, it is generally accepted that failure to mention severability means that if some clauses are stricken, the Agreement still remains in force. Unless the stricken sections are so grievous that it cannot otherwise continue as an agreement.

The is the question that the Court is considering. Whether ACA remains viable without the tax/penalty section and without a severability clause.

Many people have expressed concern that Kavanaugh appeared to be taking the position that without severability included, the ACA would still remain in effect. But they are so far reading too much into things.

Justices frequently ask questions that would appear to suggest their opinions, but are actually trying to see what either side can say that would otherwise sway opinions elsewhere. So at this stage, don’t take it to the bank.

We just have to wait until June 2021 to find out where it all leads.

That is today’s update. We shall see what happens tomorrow.

Have a Happy Veteran’s Day and thank the Veteran in your family.




Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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