Election Day + 13 – Nothing new to report

Slow news coming out over the weekend

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America is now out 13 days post Election Day. Being the weekend, there was really little to report overall.

The DC MAGA rally had a tremendous show of people coming out. Hundreds of thousands of people were present, and when it was over, tried to go home peacefully. Of course, BLM/AntiFa would not have a peaceful rally, so they made every attempt to attack the weak, the elderly and those alone. They did succeed in some cases.

To watch and read news reports of the turnout, you would be surprised. The typical suspects wrote that there were from hundreds to a few thousand people showing up. Photos taken were posted of areas where there were few people and not where the bulk of the people were. As well, it was the Proud Boys initiating the attacks and not BLM or AntiFa.

Two Trump attorneys, Sydney Powell and Lin Wood, came out and stated that they had incontrovertible evidence of massive election fraud in up to 29 states. Major lawsuits get filed this week and evidence released.

We shall wait and see.

Well, that is it for the day. Time to relax with Gigi and do nothing, not that I do anything anyway.

Have a great week and we shall see together what happens next.


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