Election Day + 11 — Why did Dems commit such blatant fraud?

Why the Dems became so desperate

It is now Day 11, Post Election Day. New reports of election fraud continue. Now, Team Trump has fired off a federal lawsuit in Georgia Federal Court regarding violation of both state and federal election law.

Scytl, the German company that reportedly housed the servers for the Dominion software, was apparently raided yesterday by the US Army. Servers were claimed to have been seized. If so, then this is YUGE news.

Expect further news to be forthcoming on this and other subjects.

Now, it is time to take a look at why Democrats made such a blatantly obvious attempt to steal the election from President Trump.


Biden/Harris ticket

The first thing to consider is the Biden/Harris ticket. Biden is an empty shell of a man, suffering to some degree of dementia. Harris is a bitter hard left progressive whose only appeal is anyone’s guess. She is unlikeable and will sink to any depths to gain what she wants.

This was a ticket that would be unimaginable in any other year. Only 2020 could produce such a result.

Democrats could not win without the Bernie Bots coming out. But Sleepy Joe could not pull them in. Harris would have brought some of them back, but she could not be elected due to her extreme progressive politics and her unlikability. The alternative was to combine them both on one ticket with the hope that Bernie Bots and Moderates alike could find it in their minds to vote for the ticket.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, it became obvious early in the evening that voting was not going towards them in key states. Something had to be done to stop the “bleed.” Hence other actions were taken.


Vote by Mail

Knowing that Biden would be a weak candidate against a strong Trump, Vote by Mail would likely allow for greater Democrat participation in the election. Sending out ballots to be returned by mail would make voting easy for those who would not otherwise bother.

Vote by Mail would also allow for standard Democrat voter fraud through having the dead to vote, illegals to vote and just about anyone else that they could identify which would preclude needing a strong GOTV ground game which did not exist.

Unfortunately, as the evening went on, it became clear that Vote by Mail was not doing the job either.


SCOTUS & Judiciary

President Trump had gotten his third nominee onto the SCOTUS. In the next four years, he would have the opportunity to replace Clarence Thomas, and possibility Stephen Breyer (age) and Sonia Sotomayor (health reasons).

For the Federal Judiciary, President Trump had also appointed over 300 new judges to the courts, representing more than one third of all the justices. Another four years, and it is likely he would have over 50% of all federal judges appointed by him.

This would mean a more conservative judiciary for decades.


Last Gasp for the Far Left

America had been turning more red under the Trump administration. State legislatures were going red across the country and there was was a reasonable belief that this would continue into the future.

BLM and AntiFa had worn out its welcome and had even frightened its most ardent supporters with their antics. People feared BLM/AntiFa coming to their neighborhoods and for self protection, Americans were buying more and more guns and ammo.

Illegal immigration, of which the Democrats had invested so heavily to replace those leaving their party, would find itself “cancelled.”

If the Democrats lost this election, then they would be the inferior party for decades to come.


Explicit Fraud

As we now know, the vote for President Trump was far more excessive than projected. The polls that the Democrats were relying upon showing a massive win for Sleepy Joe were grossly wrong and all indications were that President Trump would be reelected for a second term.

Early results were showing overwhelming support for Trump’s reelection. With the threats to the Democratic Party, something had to be done.

Unknown is who gave the orders, but suddenly there occurred reports of:

  • Online vote totals change suddenly from Trump to Biden.
  • Reports of the dead casting ballots.
  • Illegal immigrants voting.
  • Fake mail in ballots counted and so much more.

The end result was that the Democrats took steps to steal the ballot counts and leads from President Trump. That way, the networks could project Biden the winner and hope that Team Trump would concede.

The problem for the Democrats is that this subversive action has been uncovered. Now, it is about to be litigated across the land. If the Democrats lose, they will be cast into the role of a minority party for decades to come, just what they had been trying to prevent.






Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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