Election Day + 10

Day 10 and no changes

Today is Day 10, post election. Nothing has changed at all.

Team Trump is still proclaiming all of the affidavits that they now have from people alleging fraud has taken place. However, without actual evidence of backdating of ballots and with the envelopes containing those ballots being destroyed, there is no evidence.

Statistical evidence has similar issues. One can use the Bedford technique to show “fraud” but it is hardly conclusive. One must then be able to provide evidence of where the fraud occurred.

The evidence of “vote changes” from the Dominion software is not sufficient to show actual fraud. It indicates that something happened, but the question is “what?” Without a strong answer, this “evidence” goes away.

Wisconsin is now “recanvassing” and Georgia is recounting ballots, but these two states alone would not turn the tide to Team Trump, even if the results are reversed.

A Pennsylvania Commonwealth Appeals Court has ruled that ballots returned after the deadline should not be counted. They were to have been segregated, but apparently were not, and the envelopes that they were returned in were torn out. So now way to really tell which ballots are affected. In any event, this will go to SCOTUS for review.

So we remain in uncharted waters, with no one having a clue about what the end result will be.


Personal Note

Today I remain skeptical as to whether Trump will eventually prevail in the courts and be reelected to office once again. The skepticism comes from having dealt with courts during the Housing Crisis.

During the housing crisis, I personally executed a large number of Court Declarations where I “testified under oath” to findings of fraud in both singular and MBS cases. Evidence was even provided to substantiate claims.

Only in a couple of cases did the Courts allow the cases to go forward. Many various reasons where given, but there was a central bias built in against the plaintiffs. I foresee this happening with Team Trump.

Another thing to consider is that Courts are not just judicial creatures but are also political animals as well. This goes doubly for SCOTUS.

SCOTUS will have to balance out any decision with the affect it will have upon the country. To rule for Team Trump invites riots, protests and looting across the land.

To dismiss Trump court cases invites protests as well. But more important, it does legitimize that election fraud can continue if you make it difficult enough to prove.

When faced with these options, it is very difficult to ascertain which route SCOTUS will take. But with the America of today, nothing will surprise me.




Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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