Election 2020, How did we get here?

It is a brave new world, unlike the one that my generation grew up in.  The changes that we have witnessed in our lives have been wonderful, incredible, and regrettably depressing.  It is a world where 1984 came and went with very little notice despite plenty of warning signs.  But big brother has been embraced by our next generation like a long-lost friend reaching out a helping hand.  Few seem to understand the underlying danger in the technology that has invaded every aspect of our lives.  Nor do they care so long has it provides a benefit, and the cost remains hidden.

My generation must share in the blame for the state of our Nation.  While we worked to build a better life for our families, we let down the guard on our management of the government and it grew far beyond being, “A Government of the People”.  It was on our watch that we let Congress take away line item rescission from the President and shift the balance of budget power.  We continued to send our representatives back into office for decades as they shirked their responsibilities and allowed the courts to make laws while they fed at the trough of corporate America.  And we said nothing when they began allowing presidents to issue edicts as if they were kings.  But it is now in the twilight of our lives that we realize our mistakes and are working for the future of our kids and the future of our country.  With age comes wisdom and a clear vision.  We see the fundamental danger in technology without limits, with the invasion of our privacy without control, and a government that welcomes both as tools to consolidate their power.  The recognition that our representatives no longer see themselves as servants of the people and have corrupted our government as a tool for control of its citizens combined with the dangers in technology is why we elected President Trump in the first place.  Our generation knew that the problem in the government will never be fixed from within.

I joke that the problems all started with the fax machine. But that was not the start of the real problems, that was just when the clock first sped up and we started expecting instant results.  That was when clients started to call and say, “can you make that change and fax it right over?”  As an architect, I still had to draw it but that had little impact on the expectation.  It was the first step to becoming a society with expectations for instant gratification, and the fist step in technological advances that would ultimately consume much of our daily lives.  But technology is only one piece of the puzzle.

We now find ourselves in a confusing new world divided near the middle along liberal and conservative lines.  Perhaps more importantly divided along the line of believers and non-believers.  Each side believes that they know the truth, and the other side will not listen or accept it.  On the one side are those who see an extreme bias in the mainstream media and know that the vastness of the media empire is in the control of a small handful of corporate conglomerates.  Their owners and largest stockholders would rather promote their world view than profit from the news outlets.  And on the other side are those who will not watch, read, or listen to any opinion that they disagree with while gorging on half-truths, misinformation, distortions, and flat-out lies from their favored media sources.

The MSM is the largest piece of the puzzle but would not be effective if not enabled by rapidly changing technology.  In the world that I grew up in, it was all but impossible for half of America to be programmed by the media as they are now.  Before we arrived in the brave new world of technology and instant gratification, how much brainwashing could be done in the 30-minute evening news report and the headlines in the morning paper?  Especially when most of the news outlets were independent and were expected to at least appear unbiased in their reporting.  The beginning of the end came with 24-hour news and news changing from a report of major events of the day to talk show entertainment.  Merv Griffin, Phil Donahue, and Jerry Springer gave way for Bill O’Reily, Hannity & Combs and Chris Mathews.

The corporate monopolization, 24-hour news cycle, news talk, and the internet created the perfect environment for political manipulation.  And after we passed 1984, our next generation welcomed eaves dropping devices to their coffee tables, so they no longer must keep up with the remote control.  Most of us are tracked on every step we take during a day and listened to in the privacy of our own homes at night.  The enemies of America have harvested our data, profiled us not just for consumer spending, but for political targeting.  It has become clear in this election cycle that they can determine who our influencers are, and they have tried to silence their voices.  Undoubtedly, they have also filtered and targeted the information that we are able to see based on the profiles they have established.  As a conservative I repeatedly was shown negative stories about President Trump, but was shown almost nothing about Joe Biden, no negative stories, but also none of the propaganda that my liberal friends were shown.

In our post 1984 world, half of America has accepted the world view that is spoon fed to them by a partisan media.  It is hard to tell if the media is controlled by the democrat machine, or if the media giants own the democrat party.  The two organizations are so interwoven that they look and often act as one.  One thing is clear, they have been able to convince many our citizens that democrats are always right, and that conservativism is evil.  They have demonized us for our age, our religion, our ethnicity, and our political views.  It is a brainwashing process that would have never been able to happen without today’s technology, and a public that does not understand the importance of privacy and independence.  The genie is out of the bottle and there is a price that the next generation is willing paying without understanding its true value.

I wrote a few weeks ago, this election was much larger than the personalities of the two men wanting to be our President.  It is not about democrat vs republican.  Very simply, the outcome of this election may set our course as a Nation for the next couple of decades.  On the one hand we have people who identify as democrats.  The word democrat is apparently so powerful that it causes blindness, loss of hearing and reduced ability for logical thought.  These people have allowed themselves to be so influenced by the MSM that they voted against the only President of their lifetime who spends everyday fighting for them.  The only President of their lifetime who has taken on the vile and corrupt Washington establishment for the benefit of all of America.  And the only person in American politics today who will attempt to put the genie back in the bottle and help us regain control of our government, personal data and privacy.  Yet, those people under the spell of  the MSM are convinced that one of the worst, and possibly most corrupt presidential candidates in recent memory with a running mate chosen only for her gender and the color of her skin, could bring out a vote larger than Obama or Hillary Clinton who both had powerful and high energy campaigns.  Those believers think that Joe Biden could hide in his basement, without any of the democratic party leadership campaigning with or for him, could bring out more voters than any other presidential candidate ever.  It would not be possible to believe if the MSM had not sheltered their viewers from Biden’s past, his corruption, and his hidden agenda while negative reporting on President Trump 95% of the time.

But proudly, we also have a majority of America who understand the inherent danger in the direction of our country and the threat to our individual rights.  The control of our government by a corporate conglomeration that has anything but the best interest of America in their quest for power likely fueled a republican victory like Reagan’s second term.  For months America was told that President Trump and the republicans were going to cheat in this election, but for months, republicans rallied and organized for a landslide vote.  All the while, the democrat machine was not campaigning with their candidate, but instead were preparing to cheat on a massive scale so large that most Americans could never imagine.  It has been clear through the Russia hoax, and the fake impeachment that the democrats had no boundary in the hatred of [GH1] President Trump and their desire to block his America First agenda.  The liberal level of loathing was clear, so the magnitude of voter fraud should not be a surprise.  America voted in a colossal red wave that swept from coast to coast with a record turnout and victories in Congress and statehouses in places not expected.  The rejection of the liberal agenda and the corruption in the democrat party leadership was extensive.  Trump’s vote appears to have been well beyond the level of fraud that was planned by the democrats and hopefully, the desperation shown in the late hours of election day and after will be their downfall.  There is one party that has been steadfast in their resistance to election reform and now fights to keep the light from shinning on this election.  If this were a fair and honest election, why would the democrats not want ever legal vote to be counted.  Why would they not want their president to be elected without a footnote on his election and why wouldn’t they be leading the charge to uncover the fraud instead of hiding behind a barrage of false news and censorship?

President Trump has not been a man of style but has been a man of action.  He has worked tirelessly for all of America and has been a wall of stone against the floodwaters of anger and hatred.  Just as he has in the face of other challenges, he will stand strong and resolute and see this battle to the very end.  But, for now, one question remains.  What kind of America will we have in the future?  Will truth win and President Trump be allowed to continue in his quest to reclaim the government for the people and rebuild truth, honesty, and hope in America?  Or will the democrat apparatus overpower justice and take our next generation a giant leap away from self-reliance and independence and enslave them under the control of Big Brother in a new world where bravery gives way to dependence and decline?  The next few weeks should be interesting.


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Written by TNarch


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