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Day 4 – Post Election Day

Broken Election System

It is now Day 4 after the election. Not much has changed except that Georgia and Pennsylvania are now showing leads for Biden.

The media has not yet called the election for Biden, but they are itching to do so. Even though their calling the election means nothing at all. It is the Electoral College and only the Electoral College that decides the winner.

President Trump has filed lawsuits in all of the contested states. He is seeking recanvasing of the ballots and other processes.

SCOTUS has gotten involved now. Justice Alito has ordered that the ballots received past deadlines in PA must be segregated from the legitimate ballots. It remains to be seen if PA will abide by the order. If not, that will really anger SCOTUS and put Trump in much better shape. (However, if the ballots have already been comingled, it may be impossible to determine which are which.)

The Elements of Fraud

For fraud, a person has to show several elements in existence. Simply defined, they are:

  1. An intentional misrepresentation of a material fact – A statement of fact that is false, on purpose, and significant enough to matter
  2. Knowledge that the representation is false – The perpetrator must have known of the falsehood.
  3. Reliance on the fact by the recipient of the information – The victim either relied on the information, or  was supposed to rely on it.
  4. Damage as a result of the misrepresentation and reliance – Either financial damage or some other harm to the victim.

What this essentially means is that the Trump team must show that fraud existed and was intentional on the part of those presenting the fraudulent ballots, counting those ballots and reporting them to the proper authorities.

Then it must be shown that the fraud was significant enough to harm Trump’s being reelected.

There seems to be empirical and statistical evidence present to assert the existence of fraud in PA. Team Trump will have to now present that evidence to the Courts to go further.

Where this leads is anyone’s guess.


On another note

Have been chastised by people for no longer giving a damn. Told I am a quitter, defeatist and doomer. I should be out front fighting.

Am pragmatic about things as I see them based upon my own experience. I decide things for myself and make those decisions on observable data and trends. Not gonna blow blue smoke up anyone’s dresses.

If anyone wants to attack me personally, be warned right now. I will not accept that. It is a violation of Sparta to attack the mods personally. Doing so can result in temporary bans or permanent bans.

Consider yourselves warned from here on out.




Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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