The Meme Post We Need Right Now, Pre-Election Edition

SURPRISE! You didn’t see this one coming, now did ya?

I’ve been a busy man lately, and have been slacking on my memeing duties. But don’t worry, we’re back to poke fun at our “betters” through the power of internet art and clever sayings.

Let’s start with some ACB makin’ the left Super MAD

Image may contain: 2 people, meme, text that says 'A-C-B, BETTER THAN R-B-G, GETTING YOU M-A-D.'

Where’s Maury on the Biden Corruption scandal? Well…

Next they’ll tell us that GDP is up there with UFO sightings


I give the Left one thing, they are masterful at projection

We all just can’t quit our modern monopolies

Image may contain: screen, text that says 'the convenience You DEMANDED Is Now MANDATORY'

Halloween 2020:

Hunter probably isn’t worried about his future since Bill Barr will just continue to sit on his fat ass doing nothing about Democrat crime, but if things did go south (in the event that Barr gets fired and Trump finally puts someone who isn’t a Deep Starter in there), he’s got a great career in Memes:

Image may contain: 2 people, meme, text that says 'Me checking ammo prices: Please-don't don't be high... Ammo Prices:'

And the most Worthless Government Agency of All Time Award goes to:

Don’t be a COVIDIOT:

Can’t you just feel the energy pouring out of a Biden rally?

Don’t worry, it’s not ALL politics here at Spartan Central

If you thought that this is what Trump meant in the last debate, you might be a knuckledragging moron!

Of course we need to end the post with our favorite idiot, AOC:

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