The Election of Our Lifetime

This election may well be the most important of our lifetime.  It does not matter whether you were born in 2002 and this is your first election, our you were born in 1940 and voted in elections for six decades.  This election is far beyond the character of either of the two men who want to be your President for the next four years.  It is bigger than our personal preference based on who we like or dislike.  There is so much more at stake in this election than a contest of personalities.

The list of men who have lived in the White House is populated with a number of interesting personalities and some with unsavory character flaws.  There have been too many sex scandals to mention, some complete with illegitimate children, and one in recent times that most of us remember. There were drunks, slave owners, and probably as many jerks as there were nice guys.  But being President of the United States, or as many say, the leader of the free world is not always a job for a perfect man, but a job that is best filled with a man who is perfect for the job.  It is in that light that these two men should be considered.

Many of us on both sides of the aisle have been disappointed at times over the last four years in the choice of words that the President has used, or the way he has handled the adversity that has been thrown his way.  But many have made personality the single issue by which he is judged rather than consider the challenges that he has faced and the accomplishments that he has achieved.  While he has faced four years of false charges, corrupt investigations, and impeachment, he has stood face to face with his enemies and continued to work for the benefit of all Americans.  While his opposition has used corrupt government officials in hopes of making him crumble under the weight of their endless false charges, he has worked constantly toward the ideals that he laid out for us in his campaign four years ago.  His endless energy and determination stand in stark contrast to Joe Biden.

In all his decades in politics, Biden’s biggest achievement was being chosen to be the 47th Vice President of the United States.  Otherwise, his career is filled with more embarrassment than accomplishment.  He led the supreme court hearings over both Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas.  Both stood as historic low points for the Senate until the more recent Kavanaugh hearings which was also a democrat catastrophe.  But more relevant to this election is the policies he supports and the actions the democrats have planned if they regain control of the White House and the Senate.  The Biden tax plan is a typical tax the rich and reward the poor scheme.  History has proven time and again that higher taxes slow the economy and are job killers.  Yet Biden supports the typical democrat tax plan.  High income tax, tax the money you save, tax the money you invest, tax the money you spend, and tax what is left when you die.

Biden has repeatedly said that he wants to put the fossil fuel industry in America out of business.  The Green New Deal will not provide an available or affordable replacement energy source, and that policy will simply throw us back into dependence on Middle East oil.  It will guide money overseas that is currently being reinvested in America and creating jobs and wealth here.  He says that he is going to enhance health care, not by fixing Obamacare, but by developing “Joe Biden Care”.  His plan will be a poison pill for private health insurance and will drive the Nation to nationalized healthcare.  Nationalized healthcare will devour budgets, destroy incentives, slow innovations in healthcare, and ultimately lead to a rationing of service.

Biden supports open borders, and providing taxpayer supported welfare programs to illegal immigrants.  He has supported groups who have been rioting and looting in our cities and supports de-funding police and liberalizing the criminal justice system.  Biden does not have the energy or political competence to stand up to the democrat leadership and will be under their command.  But even more importantly, in his current mental and physical health it is unlikely that he would be able to hold office for a full term.  His replacement would be Kamala Harris who couldn’t attract enough support to stay in the presidential race and is rated as the most liberal member of the Senate.

A Biden-Harris administration would be controlled by the most liberal/socialist fringes of the democrat party.  They will stack the Supreme Court, change election laws, and shred the constitution.  Their aim is to move America to one-party control and institute socialist programs.  They will trample our individual rights and replace personal responsibility and self-determination with a larger central government that will interject government domination into every facet of our daily lives.  That is the democrat vision for America, and we have seen for the last four years that there is nothing they are not willing to do in pursuit of their goals.

The contrast to President Trump could not be more obvious.  No other President of my lifetime has displayed a love of America more than Donald Trump.  He believes in the greatness of America, and the success that we can each enjoy as free Americans when opportunity is present.  As he has shown in the first four years, his policies have and will create opportunities which allow all of America to have greater success.  In his first term, we saw record low unemployment numbers for blacks and Hispanics, record employment for women, lower taxes and rising wages, and fewer people living in poverty.

President Trump believes that we are a sovereign nation and must protect our borders and provide for legal and controlled immigration.  And, our border is more secure, and trains of illegal immigrants are no longer traveling across Mexico to our border.  He believes in law and order and public safety and will provide support for state and local law enforcement to protect our cities.  He has made court appointments to judges who will protect and uphold the constitution and not legislate from the bench to whatever breeze is blowing across the country.  President Trump understands that the constitution has been tested with time, has seen us through times of war and civil unrest, and has allowed us to grow and heal ourselves as a Nation and must be protected.

President Trump has overseen the rebuilding of our military after the Obama-Biden administration had depleted military resources.  He has unleashed the military to complete their missions and is reducing our participation in foreign wars.  By policies that have allowed America to become energy independent, he has been able to bring Middle Eastern countries to the peace table with Israel.  That is an accomplishment that many would have never thought possible.

This list is just touching the surface of the many things that President Trump has accomplished in his first term.  It is a stark contrast to the Biden impact of 47 years in politics and the recent revelations of his and Hunter’s apparent corrupt pay for play schemes.  As I said in the beginning, this election must be about more than, “I don’t like him, or I think he seems like a nice guy”.  The contrast between these two men and the way they will govern is broader that the Grand Canyon.  President Trump believes in the spirit of America and the greatness that can be achieved when we work to improve our lives and our communities.  Joe Biden believes that the government knows best, and that we cannot succeed without the government.  President Trump has proven that he is a strong and independent leader who cannot be controlled by a corrupt system.  In four years, he has pulled swamp creatures from the water.  In four more years, he can open the drains and lower the level of the swamp.  Joe Biden is a frail man who has spent 47 years in the bottom of the swamp as a bit player without any remarkable achievement in the corrupt system and will be controlled by the immoral leadership of the democrat party.

Like no other, this election will impact the direction of our government, perhaps for the rest of our lifetime.  We will choose to allow President Trump to continue to reform our government and reaffirm the constitution as the law of the land or allow the socialist factions of the democratic party to change the course of our Nation.  Now is the time to come to the aid or our country and vote for a strong leader who is working for all of America.  It is the time to cast a vote, not for a man, but for the ideal that is America.  Freedom, Independence, and Greatness, and the man who has and will continue to help us achieve it, President Donald J Trump.

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Written by TNarch


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