President Trump Speaks From Walter Reed

Trump Walter Reed

Speculation has run rampant through the media about President Trump’s true condition at Walter Reed Medical Center. Leftist pundits have speculated that President Trump’s health is tenuous at best or even failing. This is despite President Trump’s doctors coming out and saying that the president is doing well and in good spirits.

The stupidity shot up to eleven when anonymously sourced reports were released stating that President Trump’s health was touch and go at best. Reporters claimed that Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was the source of the report.

President Trump put any conspiracy theories about his health to rest when he tweeted a short video message from Walter Reed Medical Center.

I’m no medical professional. Hell, I didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. In my (not so) expert opinion, however, President Trump looks good. Obviously, he has no makeup on for the camera, and he could stand to run a comb through his hair. On the whole, though, President Trump is looking good for someone recovering from the China Virus. Trump even manages to fire off a joke about how Melania is “slightly younger” than himself.

Vanity Fair Special Correspondent and “journalist” Gabriel Sherman doesn’t see it that way, however.

The Left desperately wants President Trump to be dead or dying from the China Virus.

Sick, deranged individuals.


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