Four Presidents – Trump, Nixon, Reagan & Kennedy Crises

How America acted through each crisis

As I write this on a “decent” autumn Sunday afternoon in the Bay Area, President Trump remains in the hospital recovering from Covid 19. Doctors are saying that he is doing well, and if he continues to improve, he will be going home to the White House on Monday. 

The local and national media have a different view. Most media sources are representing that the President’s health is far worse than what is being reported. Public figures on Twitter are coming out and wishing that he were dead. 

All of this has given thoughts to four different President’s I have lived under through my lifetime. So I present here impressions that I remember of three Presidents as the events unfolded as compared to with President Trump. 


John F Kennedy 

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon in Dallas Texas. President Kennedy had arrived in Dallas on a campaign stop. Riding in an open car in Dealey Plaza, three shots suddenly rang out at 12:30 pm. The President was hit in the head and suffered a mortal wound.  

The Presidential immediately sped up and raced to the nearest hospital. But to no avail. President Kennedy was pronounced dead at 1:00 pm. 

I remember having gone home to lunch and returning to the playground at school during this period of time. As class resumed in Mrs. Booze 4th grade class, someone came in and whispered in Mrs. Booze’s ear. Mrs. Booze then announced that President Kennedy was dead, and school was cancelled for the rest of the day.  

As I arrived home (we lived two blocks from the school and could walk) I noticed my mother watching the television with a look of horror on her face. Dad arrived home quickly after. The same shocked look was on his face. This was the beginning of several days of disbelief for not just us, but for the world in general. 

Throughout the next several days, we were glued to the television. Any new reports were quickly absorbed and discussed. We wondered what was next for America and the world. 

Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the murder of JFK shortly after it happened.  I fully remember watching television on the following Sunday morning as Oswald was being led to a police car in the basement of the city jail for transport to the county jail, Jack Ruby racing up to him and shooting him. The whole world saw him murder Oswald live. 

On Monday, November 25, the funeral for JFK was held, broadcast on national television for the world to see. I remember going to my grandfather’s home to watch on color television, a rarity for homes in 1963. 

With the death of JFK, there was a national outpouring of grief. People of all races and political beliefs came together in America. There was no division, just prayers for the Kennedy family and for America.  

We were all one. But that would change. Camelot had ended, though we did not know that at the time. 


Richard Nixon 

Fast forward to August 9, 1974. This was the day that President Richard Nixon resigned from office in disgrace. 

Twenty years old at the time, I had followed closely the events as they unfolded leading to the resignation of the President. This was a tragic day for me in that 1972 was my first Presidential Election that I voted, proudly casting my vote for Nixon. There was no way I would ever have been able to conceive that less than two years later, he would be gone from office. 

Nixon had won reelection to the Presidency by an overwhelming majority of both the popular vote and the electoral votes. He garnered 520 electoral votes versus 17 for George McGovern.  The popular vote was an almost 18 million difference. 

As most know it was the “Watergate” story that led to the President’s ultimate demise. (I leave it up to the readers to flesh out the details of Watergate.) Though the President did not order the bugging and wiretapping of the Democratic National Committee, his loyalty to all involved ultimately led to his resignation. 

Initially as knowledge of the events of Watergate unfolded, there was a major divide in America between Democrats and Republicans. But as more and more information came out, Republicans, myself included, began to turn against the President. 

The Saturday Night Massacre was the real turning point for the President. Firing members of the Department of Justice for refusing to go against a Supreme Court ruling, America saw that Nixon could no longer be allowed to continue in office. So began the initiation of an Impeachment investigation on February 6, 1974. 

July 27 through July 30, 1974 saw the House Impeachment Committee approve three Articles of Impeachment. On August 5, Nixon released the “Smoking Gun” tape that destroyed all hopes of him retaining office. This led to his resignation just 4 days later. 

Nixon, rather than putting America through a month of hell, did the final honorable thing, and resigned. On September 8, 1974, President Ford pardoned Nixon, stating that “our long national nightmare had ended.”  So true this statement was. 

As I recall, most of the nation had come to the conclusion that Nixon had to be removed from office. This included most Republicans, including politicians. So though there was some divide in America, it was limited in scope, duration and intensity. 


Ronald Reagan 

Fast forward again. President Ronald Reagan is the next person to look at.  

President Reagan took office on January 20, 1081, after a hard-fought campaign against sitting President Jimmy Carter. 

(I am hard pressed to offer a more in depth analysis of the aftermath of the assassination attempt. At the time, I was stationed in the UK and the only access to media was BBC 1, BBC2, the Armed Forces network and the Stars and Stripes daily newspaper.) 

On Mar 30, 1981, after attending a speaking engagement at the Washington Hilton, Reagan was leaving the site when he was shot by John Hickley Jr in an assassination attempt. The bullet hit the Presidential Limousine, ricocheted into Reagan, breaking a rib and puncturing a lung. By the time he entered the hospital, Reagan was near death. Only the valiant efforts of the doctors at George Washington University Hospital was his life saved. 

Polls taken after the attempted assassination of President Reagan found that there was a 73% approval rating for him. People had rallied around the President and prayed for his recovery. 

Across the world, people were feeling the same way. The hope was that Reagan would survive and continue in office. There was once again a unity felt as when JFK was shot. 

On base and around the East Anglia community where I was, there was definitely a feeling of unity and compassion with the Brits.  


Donald J Trump 

Fast forward 39 years into the future and we have the Presidency of Donald Trump.

After another bitterly fought election in 2016 with Hillary Clinton as the opponent, the Left and the Deep State has never forgiven Trump and his supporters for not bowing down to Hillary and her inevitable election to the Presidency. Instead, after losing the election, Hillary and company have done everything within their power to deny President Trump the ability to preside over the wishes of the country and impede the programs that he was elected to implement.

Since the beginning of 2020, things have ramped up to an incredible level of hatred. The Left has tried to impeach Trump and when that failed, went to the extreme of blaming him for the Covid-19 deaths, a virus that was inflicted upon the world by China.

Last Thursday evening, Trump announced to America and the world that he had tested positive for Covid-19. Friday afternoon, he was transported to Walter Reed Hospital to be treated for Covid over the course of several days.

Over the course of the last three days, the level of hatred of Trump has increased to unbelievable numbers. The Left, Democratic politicians, Deep State actors, celebrities and even leftist citizens have gone out of their way to wish the absolute worst on our President. Their fervent hope is that the President will die, with Pence taking over, and for many, for Pence to die and then Nancy Pelosi to become President.

The anger of the Left is felt across all strata of America. Instead of unifying the country in a time of deep peril for the President, the Left has created a deep divide that will in all likelihood prove to be very difficult to bridge, if at all, without violence.

The coming together of America in times of national peril seems to a thing of the past. Only time will tell whether America can come together again, or fade into the annuals of history.

All we can say right now is that The 4th Turning is once again rearing its ugly head. How it ends is anyone’s guess. But my own guess is that it will not end without violence before the country unites to “throw the bums out.”

Enough Doom for the day. To end on a good note, our President should be going back to the White House Monday or Tuesday.

So remember……….



Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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